June 25, 2024

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Carmine Appice Says He Gave MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Tommy Lee His Drum Sound On “Theatre of Pain”

The epic battle being waged by legendary rock drummer Carmine Appice versus MÖTLEY CRÜE continues, after Carmine leveled bassist Nikki Sixx with the admission that the Crue’s founding guitarist Mick Mars left the lineup due to all of Crue’s The Stadium Tour shows being totally pre-recorded.

Sixx denied all of this (despite video online that shows Vince Neil clearly getting busted doing lip-sync at an early 2023 Crue show) by responding with a raging Tweet immediately after the story hit the press calling Carmine a “washed up drummer.”

Now word coming from FullinBloom channel on YouTube is that Carmine is taking credit for giving the Crue’s Tommy Lee his drum sound for “Theatre of Pain” album, believe it or not.

1985’s “Theatre of Pain” featured many classic Crue cuts like the cover of Brownsville Station’s “Smoking in The Boys Room” and the classic original ballad “Home Sweet Home” written by Sixx and Lee. This record, however, is cited as being the start of the legendary metal band’s decline, and their first real foray into glam metal and a more pop sound.

In the video below, fans can hear Carmine explain it all in his own words via audio that is shared, along with the accusations that he is not telling the truth by late QUIET RIOT drummer Frankie Banali’s widow. Apparently, Carmine also took credit for creating the drum sound for Banali’s performance on “Metal Health” studio album.