The Lilly Wave, RFID Chip & Rock N Roll Mass Mind Control

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The Lilly Wave, RFID Chip & Rock N Roll Mass Mind Control

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

While everyone in America sits down for some turkey dinner today on Thanksgiving, I figured I would give my fans some more food for thought… just to keep everyone in a reality check of exactly what we don’t want to be thankful for. Any idea what I am talking about? Well, let me give you a hint. It has to do with being in control of your own mind and happiness while being alive on planet earth in the 21st century.

My research taught me that our electrical system in our homes can be infiltrated with ‘frequencies’ that can alter your brain. It is no secret that your brain is very sensitive to any external electromagnetic stimuli and you will have no firewall to protect yourself.

Another way the Satanist elte running the world today controls your mind and thoughts is also through music, specifically Rock N Roll’s pissed off bastard child: HEAVY METAL. But let me first get back to how Uncle Sam can basically rape your mind and take over you whenever they want.

Waveforms can be passed through your brain tissue to stimulate emotions of anger, fear, whatever the United States government wants.

There is what is called “The Lilly Wave” where they can introduce via your 60hz power box in the home with a simple EMF meter, people living in a box, are surrounded by waves being shot into their bedrooms, and then the government has mass mind control in full effect.

Word going around right now is that late LINKIN PARK frontman, Chester Bennington, was the victim of MK ULTRA his entire life (thanks to his secret biological dad, John “Skippy” Podesta) and was controlled by the US government. Allegedly the rock star was essentially a robot sex slave that they could do whatever they wished with, including pimp out as a high priced escort to the perverted, abusive old politicians that are part of the Illuminati. With control over this man’s mind, they always had the upperhand and if he ever really got too far out of line they just would end his life, like terminating a bad guy in a video game.

It is the same way how your TV ‘a black box’ and your stereo, another ‘black box’ are used to inflict MKULTRA mind control on citizens.

And their is indeed a black box purportedly housed at the local energy provider who can use it to target individuals in homes or in sports arenas with “The Lilly Wave”.

I learned stimulating your mind with control frequencies can damage a brain, but the idea is to mainly stimulate the person’s mind to do as the government wishes.

There is no defense against ‘The Lilly Wave’.

They can make you suicidal and not want to protest. Make you tired and want to sleep all day. Make you so depressed you will stop fighting against the New World Order.

The sad truth is that Uncle Sam wants every American implanted next with an RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) chip the size of a sand grain implanted into their body so that each of us can be tracked no matter where we go.

This is the medical-military industrial complex that President Eisenhower direly warned us about during his final speech to the American people.

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

Method and apparatus for locating and tracking persons:

US Patent #7102508 B2

The invention relates to a method and apparatus for locating and tracking persons by use of an implantable device. The described invention is an implantable device composed of biocompatible materials in all areas where contact with organic tissue occurs. The gross anatomic siting of the device includes any limb, the torso, including back and perineum, the neck, and the head. The surgical anatomic siting of the device includes: (1) Supramuscular: for example, deep to the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat, on or attached to muscle and/or muscle fascia. Such a location is currently used for implantation of commercially available buried intravenous access ports, which are positioned on, and attached to, the pectoralis major muscle fascia; (2) Intramuscular: for example, within or between the muscles of a limb; (3) Submuscular: for example, deep to a large muscle.

Such a location is currently used for implantation of commercially available artificial urethral and anal sphincter reservoirs, which are positioned deep to the rectus abdominus muscles.

An implantable apparatus for use in a system for locating and tracking a person, comprising:
a power source; an individual identifier that allows for only said device to be triggered into positioning-related activities; a triggering and positioning mechanism that functions in conjunction with external systems which are completely or in part ground-based, air-based, water-based, or satellite-based, or a combination thereof and which use, but are not limited to, any of radiofrequency, cellular, sound, light, and/or television wave analog and/or digital technology, for positioning and device triggering to provide any of positioning and non-positioning information; a receiver; a transmitter; wherein gross anatomic siting of said apparatus within said person comprises any of the person’s limb, torso, neck, and head; and means specifically adapted for surgical fixation of said apparatus within said person at a non-subcutaneous location that comprises any of supramuscular, intramuscular, submuscular, intraluminal, and intracavitary locations.

The GPS portion of the invention 91 may reside in one network, while the actual tracking application may reside in another network, such as a TCP/IP network 90, in the form of a module outside the domain of a mobile network provider.

Enhanced Observed Time Difference (E-OTD). E-OTD requires only a software modification to the user terminal. This means that the device may be readily produced from a standard base technology, such as a cell telephone. However, to run the E-OTD algorithms, E-OTD enabled terminals need additional processing and memory capacity. E-OTD consists of the following procedures:

(1) The device measures control signals from at least three surrounding base transceiver stations (BTS) 101 a–101 c.

(2) The device measures the observed time difference (OTD) between pairs of incoming control signals. These data 111 are put in a message and sent to a central server (called the mobile location center or MLC) 103.

Anyone who thinks I am crazy needs to read SPYCHIPS by Katherine Albrecht & Liz McIntyre.

“Spychips explains the new RFID technology [which couples radio frequency with highly miniaturized computers] And reveals the history and future of the master planners’ strategies to embed these trackers on everything – from postage stamps to shoes to people themselves – and spy on Americans without our knowledge or consent. This seemingly innocuous commercial maneuver will inevitably turn our society into a Big Brother nightmare.”

Analysts envision a time when the system will be used to identify and track every item on the planet, including you.

Most of the big name corporations, politicians and celebs are getting behind this Luciferian jack move on your privacy, and believe it or not, many workplaces and whatnot are starting to implement RFID with their employees.

Rock and Roll music is known to be based of the tri-tone, which is the “devil’s music”.

Tritones are a musical interval that spans three whole tones, like the diminished fifth or augmented fourth. This interval, the gap between two notes played in succession or simultaneously, was branded ‘Diabolus in Musica’ or ‘the Devil’s Interval’ by medieval musicians.

And rock producer Bob Ezrin pronounces: “It apparently was the sound used to call up the beast. There is something very sexual about the tritone.

“In the Middle Ages when people were ignorant and scared, when they heard something like that and felt that reaction in their body they thought ‘uh oh, here come the Devil’.”

It all sounds like a bad horror flick starring Johnny Depp, right?

But Professor John Deathridge, King Edward professor of music at King’s College London, says the tritone had been consistently linked to evil.

“In medieval theology you have to have some way of presenting the devil. Or if someone in the Roman Catholic Church wanted to portray the crucifixion, it is sometimes used there.”

Richard Merrick explains:

“The tritone was considered not only an unfit and unpleasing interval by the Church fathers – it was believed to be an evil interval that could adversely affect our character when used in music. It was even referred to as Diabolus in Musica, or Devil in Music, and expressly forbidden under Church canon law. To this day the Church officially maintains a policy of tritone avoidance as set forth in the decree of ‘universal liturgical music in Gregorian chant,’ most recently reaffirmed in the 1903-1967 Musicam Sacram [Joncas 1997]. Because of this law, the tritone has remained off limits to church composers for many hundreds of years and prohibited from all forms of ‘sacred’ music. One specific form of church music – the Old French Canon – is perhaps the best example of this anti-tritone doctrine. Named after the Greek kanon for rule or law, a musical canon is a type of contrapuntal music involving imitation between two or more voices.

Merrick concludes:

“Most would recognize it as a simple round, found in such children’s songs as Frere Jacques or Row, Row, Row Your Boat. But it is much more than this. As the story goes, English troubadours, French jongleurs and German minnesingers would travel from town to town during the 11th century, playing instruments, singing and otherwise entertaining the villagers. As more than one singer would perform together, they would improvise and mimic one another in melody, thus creating a round. As rounds increased in popularity, the Church was compelled to incorporate them into its services. But this was not so simple. In order for musical rounds to be accepted into the Church, they had to be written in accordance with the canonical rules that prohibited use of the tritone (which occurred routinely during improvisation). Eliminating this possibility then required a much more scripted and rules-driven approach, transforming a simple round into the proper canon style. With Diabolus in Musica eliminated, the canonical round was then acceptable for church services.”

Being marked by THE BEAST means that the Devil himself through technology & music has taken literal “possession” of you, understand? As cool as this technology sounds I don’t think it is a good thing for it to be mandatory for everyone.

And maybe, I dunno… cut back on listening to rock and metal music maybe by half.

The scariest thing, however, is that I learned in all of mainstream music since its start, at the major labels when an album is completed in production the master is taken to a special room that serves as a place for Satanic rituals, and they essentially put a curse on every album released to the public commercially so that every time the music is played it unleashes a demon into your realm.

Isn’t that sweet? Man, I am so thankful Satan loves us all that much that he wants us
to own a personal demon that follows us around everywhere and fucks everything up as bad as it possibly can in your life, huh?

Of course I am being sarcastic. 100%.

Right, “Skippy”?

An anonymous “truther” points out:

“Look at the “Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act” implemented under G.W. Bush administration – an act which allows hospitals to collect a sample of every baby’s DNA to store at a national DNA preservation bank. Babies born outside of a hospital setting, i.e. midwifery, the Amish, are still trackable via Biometrics – and Biometrics have been in use much longer than we have been led to believe as well. Obviously it is more desirable for the medical-military industrial complex to get an implanted device, such as RFID & all sorts of microchips into the human body, than simply relying on computer Biometrics. Implanted devices within the human body allow for greater control over human biology and psychology – as these devices allow invasive & nightmarishly cruel torments & tortures to be inflicted on the unfortunate percentage of the population who will be implanted with them. Read the abstract for US Patent # 7102508 B2 and you will see just how cruel & evil this technology is. Make sure to look at the diagrams for placement of the device as well. THESE ARE FRIGHTENINGLY SICK CRIMINALS WHO HAVE DEVELOPED THIS TECHNOLOGY & SO THEY CAN BEGIN USING IT ON YOU & ME!! The vibrations & shocks described in the abstract for this patent are horrible to live with inside of one’s own body – as are all the other terrible things they can do with this filthy junk once it’s implanted. And none of the “establishment’s” medical mainstreamers will admit that any of this is going on & they certainly will not help you get any of these devices removed. If you’re lucky enough to find an underground surgeon who is kind & decent enough to remove it – you will be home free! If you’re implanted within a bodily cavity such as is shown in the patent’s abstract – only a surgeon will be able to help. If you’ve been implanted just beneath the skin – a reliable and good-natured bio-hacker or body modification artist might be able to help. Sadly – most people today are getting surgically implanted within a bodily cavity or orbit where only a surgeon is of any use. Read the patent’s abstract thoroughly – then make up your own mind. THIS IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE THAT MUST BE STOPPED!!!

This man’s account of being tortured will blow your mind:

“As far as I can remember I was the victim of a program with the aim to delete my personality — literally to dissolute my personality and extract it from my nervous system. They told me that I was sentenced to death and that they have found a method to execute me, but leave my body alive. In short: They tried to make a human robot or a slave out of me [with]:
* Classical hypnosis, drugs and so on.
* Electrical torture of my genitals. They used a device which I call a torture trouser. This is a sort of loin-cloth made of leather and steel bonds by which an electrode is fastened to
the genitals of the victim. For electric supply they use a cable or a battery so that you can freely move and if the torturer wants to torture you he sends an electric signal to the battery
using a transmitter. This is a very practical device for aversive behavior modification….

* My memory was erased by electroshocks, radiation and
the described torture mechanism. As far as I can remember all
this happened between 1972 and 1982. There are some reminiscences
making me believe that the first manipulations started earlier,
1967. Some other reminiscences furnish some evidence that they
began to dissociate my mind when I was a little child living in
an orphanage, younger than three years old.

* They gave me a drug that induces near-death
experiences. When I was clinically dead a voice suggested to me
that he was god and that he had decided that I have to be born
again as a slave. Then I was reanimated.
* They used electromagnetic fields to induce panic, fear,
depression and pleasure, by this means they conditioned me very
effectively. They used ESB too, but it was not so effective.
They even coagulated parts of my nucleus amygdala, but it wasn’t
effective, too. They conditioned my EEG.
* They obviously have found a wavelength with hypnotic
effects so that they could give me posthypnotic orders. I wasn’t
able not to obey.

Digging deeper, I learned how powerful corporations are planning a future where:

* Strangers will be able to scan the contents of your purse or briefcase from across a room.

* Stores will change prices as you approach – squeezing extra profits out of bargain shoppers and the poor.

* The contents of your refrigerator and medicine cabinet will be remotely monitored.

* Floors, doorways, ceiling tiles, and even picture frames will spy on you – leaving virtually no place to hide.

* Microchip implants will track your every move-and even broadcast your conversations remotely or electroshock you if you step out of line.

This is no conspiracy theory. Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been invested in what global corporations and the governments are calling “the hottest new technology since the bar code.” Unless we stop it now, RFID could strip away our last shreds of privacy and usher in a nightmare world of total surveillance – to keep us all on Big Brother’s very short leash.

What is your best protection against this?

The online “truther” offers us these interesting suggestions:

Knowledge is power. Being the smartest person in your family now means that you can be the one to educate everyone near and dear to you about what is going on. Silver nylon fabric with spandex is excellent for blocking out RF I use this for my head and throat to protect my thyroid glands. Neodymium magnets & Magnetic hematite, crystals & gemstone MINERALS preferably BLACK TOURMALINE, COPPER, (((ORGONITE))) to speed up/ground your energy.


Make sure to shut down you WiFi networks when not in use by using air plane mode and unplug all appliances when not using them. Drink plenty of clean water not tap (alkaline) eat plenty of fruits lemons & limes, oranges, and vegetables, carrots, celery, garlic, onions, peppers, etc., with a lot of antioxidants to restore the damage they are doing.


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