YNGWIE MALMSTEEN – Earliest Demo Recording


TMD unearths the holy grail of heavy metal shred. This rare demo track features legendary Swedish guitar hero Yngwie J. Malmsteen (Steeler/Alcatrazz/Rising Force) when he was reportedly only a mere 14 years old. Talented beyond his years, Yngwie (like many of his own future solo recordings) handled all of the instruments on his early demos. The ‘Powerhouse’ demos from 1978 were thought to be the earliest done by Malmsteen… that is until this little gem was found.

This demo for “Black Star” is dated 1977 when he still had his band called Power House. Ultimately Malmsteen would soon catch the attention of Mike Varney of Guitar World magazine and Shrapnel Records in the United States. Varney eventually brought him over to the States to do the debut Steeler album with Ron Keel in 1983 and the rest as they say is history.

Listen to the extremely rare track below!


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