VINCE NEIL – Wins Baltimore Pie Eating Contest

MOTLEY CRUE vocalist, Vince Neil, took some time off from his busy training schedule to fill his belly today at the Hampden Pie Festival in Baltimore, Maryland where he took first place in a pie eating contest.

As the Crue prepares to make a comeback in 2020 by way of a recently announced tour with Def Leppard and Poison, it’s leaked out in the press that Vince Neil has been dieting and fighting off his usual urge to eat too much food.

Not one to miss out on a golden opportunity, however, Mr. Neil is an honorary guest at this year’s magical food event.

It’s being reported that the rotund singer devoured an entire large blueberry pie in only 90 seconds.

Vince Neil’s “Porky Pig” Pie Eating Contest!!

Here are the contest details, taken from the organizer’s site:

Up to 10 contestants will be registered to enter – whoever finishes their pie first is the winner!

Sign up at Dangerously Delicious Pies, 810 W 36th St, on the day of the festival. Doors open at 6AM.

Contest starts at 9AM!

Prize: Free sweet pie every month for a year!

A witness of the pie contest claims Vince Neil actually attempted to eat a baby at the event, mistaking the toddler for a turkey that was also being cooked nearby.

“Someone had to pull him off the child before he ingested her foot.”

Each pie is handmade from scratch with no additives or preservatives.

Dedicated to Making Only the Best Handmade Pies  in the Most Rock ‘n’ Roll Environment Possible!

“Our two Baltimore pie shops are located right in the heart of Canton Square and on The Avenue in Hampden. Dangerously Delicious offers a full line of sweet and savory pies along with quiches available for dine in, carryout or delivery. Check out our site, leave a comment, or call us to order a pie!”

She Is Not Dead: Yes, even Natalee Holloway is cheering Vince on!

Late in 2019, a rumor began to circulate that Vince Neil was being replaced by STEEL PANTHER singer Michael Starr, although nothing official about a last minute swap in the Crue has been confirmed.

There is no doubt Neil can put back food better than anyone else in rock n roll. With his giant gut in tow, if things don’t work out with the Crue’s comeback there’s always the rumored launch of his own dating show on VH1 titled “Too Fat For Love.”

Kickstart the comeback: Will Fat Vince be able to rock like skinny Vince did?

THE ZODIAC: Black Magick 666

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