THREAT SIGNAL – Guitarist Quits


Canada’s THREAT SIGNAL has confirmed the departure of guitarist Adam Weber. Ex-DARKEST HOUR guitarist Kris Norris will be filling in as a temporary replacement. Pat Kavanagh (bass, vocals) has issued the following statement:

“Adam has decided to leave us. He has some personal things he needs to work out and we wish him all the best. We’re still good friends and there’s plenty more beers that we’ll have together so no worries. I know this sucks to hear for a lot of you and I can list off a boat load of bands that have been through the same shit we’ve been through. Just know it sucks hard on our side too. On a positive note we have a huge head start on the next record. Even have a few demos already! You’ll be hearing new shit soon. So we hope to see you on the road with Soilwork, Mutiny Within and Kris Norris soon! Good times will be had by all!”

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