Australian metalcore/post-hardcore act THE AMITY AFFLICTION have signed a deal with Pure Noise Records. Along with the announcement comes a new single from the band titled “All My Friends Are Dead.” You can check it out above.

“We are excited as all hell to be on Pure Noise, where the roster is amazing, and Jake is still running the label independently, and with a strong ethos,” says vocalist Joel Birch. “We can’t wait to see what the future holds; this shit is tight, thank you for your support, thank you Pure Noise, and thanks again to everyone out there who makes this dream of playing music worldwide our reality.”

While maintaining the passion, integrity, and unflinching honesty that has characterized their career, in 2018 The Amity Affliction are striding into new territory. With Misery, their sixth full-length, the Australian unit have woven electronic elements and even bolder hooks into their signature sound, and they have done so with humbling confidence. “It was time for a breath of fresh air, and more so for us than anyone else. We’re all really excited about the new direction, and we’ve made a record of which we’re super proud,” states vocalist and lyricist Joel Birch. “Our whole career, we’ve always felt that we’ve had to prove ourselves. We’ve had to prove we tour enough, that we’re good enough, and we’ve never been given a handout. We’ve never really been supported by other bands taking us on big tours to help us get bigger. With this record we’re standing here and stating here we are.”

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