About TMD

THE METAL DEN was created by rock journalist/publicist, Randy “Rocket” Cody, on MySpace in 2005 and he launched the official dot com for TMD with ex-partner Eddie Karam of The Edge Factory in 2006.

Since its debut, TMD has rocked the foundation of the heavy music scene, establishing itself as the most widely viewed heavy metal news source in the world. Rocket’s acclaimed reporting has been published at all of the leading mainstream news sites, racking up over one billion impressions on Twitter since 2017.

To date, Rocket has cranked out 19,000+ posts at TMD site.

Whether it be hard hitting investigative dissertations, in depth interviews and reviews, Rocket’s fearless writing stands alone today, having earned the tag: “The Most Dangerous Rock N Roll Writer Alive.”

Rocket pulls no punches telling people how he sees things and his passion for the occult has mystified readers all around planet earth, digging deeper into the world of Satanic Ritual Abuse than any other journalist before him.

Without a doubt, no other journalist in the history of mankind has electrified the masses like Rocket with a literally cosmic explosion of merciless madness that even his enemies are forced to admire.

Rocket also wrote exclusively for metalunderground.com back in 2006 and 2007, delivering over 100 interviews/reviews while he covered the infamous Los Angeles rock scene.

When Rocket ventured out to the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas metal scene where he married his wife in 2008, he expanded his band promotions service, gaining a reputation for being the most well known metal music promoter in the underground. Beyond all of his other talents, Rocket specializes in mentoring bands and helping them get to the next level.

If he’s not tripping out the masses with his awesome reports, Rocket is blowing minds with his hilarious hoax articles that get published all around the world. Rocket’s just as well known for his slamming remixes of old classic songs or covers that he produces, which have been featured at many premiere metal sites.

Whether he’s being interviewed by a site in Romania or he’s throwing down a killer Rocket Report Audio episode on YouTube or sharing a rare concert bootleg or other killer unreleased tunes from his personal collection, it’s clear to see that Rocket has made a major name for himself. Over the past 13 years, TMD news has been read by fans in over 100 countries, with millions of visitors rocking TMD’s site in that time.

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