Special Report – THE ZODIAC: Black Magick 666

THE ZODIAC: Black Magick 666

Part 1

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

“The uncanny attraction of the Third Reich – Nazi Germany – lies in the fact that it endorsed and practiced both dynamism and life-worship without end and to a world-shaking degree of success.”

— Michael Aquino

This special 3 part report is going to introduce readers to the wildest ‘conspiracy theory’ of all time. It is my assertion that a demon possessed, U.S. government-backed ex-Army soldier first used for covert CIA black ops back in Vietnam pulled off the most sensational murder spree in American history in the late sixties due to his ability to appear human but also ‘shapeshift’, along with ‘teleporting’ and ‘turning invisible’ at will when on the hunt for his prey.

I know it sounds like a really crazy plot for a new Hollywood Sci-Fi blockbuster film, but I assure everyone that the information you are about to be exposed to is by no means “make believe,” okay?

The Zodiac’s victims are:

David Arthur Faraday, 17, and Betty Lou Jensen, 16: shot and killed on December 20, 1968

Michael Renault Mageau, 19, and Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin, 22: shot on July 4, 1969

Bryan Calvin Hartnell, 20, and Cecelia Ann Shepard, 22: stabbed on September 27, 1969

Paul Lee Stine, 29: shot and killed on October 11, 1969

I will present new evidence to support my belief that NSA psychopath, Michael Aquino, a practicing witch who first served at Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, who is also known to be a top U.S. MK ULTRA programmer plus founder of the Temple of Set, is the Zodiac killer.

I am the first journalist to suggest Mr. Aquino AKA “The Figure In Black” is the iconic spree killer. Just like I was the first to name Dr. Frederick Treves as Jack The Ripper and Man Ray as the killer of the Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short.

Please keep in mind that Mr. Aquino went to high school in Santa Barbara.

It is my determination that these ‘ritualistic’ killings which took place in California at the end of the nineteen sixties, actually started much earlier in that same decade, while Mr. Aquino lived in the area, prior to him being deployed to Vietnam where he did a brief tour of duty before returning back to the states.

Aquino started his military service in 1968, in his own words. How long was he over in Vietnam? It depends on the branch of the military and the mission or situation. The range is generally 90 days to one year – but their are exceptions. Typically, the Army prefers longer deployment periods of about 9 months. However you look at it, there is no doubt a gap in time during his service where Mr. Aquino was indeed back on U.S. soil during the years of 1968-1969 when the known Zodiac murders happened.

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