SAINT VITUS – Streaming New Album

Doom/sludge metal veterans SAINT VITUS are now streaming their eponymous new album in full. The record is released worldwide today, May 17. You can have a listen above.

Saint Vitus. One of the first doom metal bands. Influenced by Black Sabbath.

Saint Vitus were formed in 1978 under the name Tyrant. They briefly reunited for a few shows in 2003 and when Debris Inc. and The Hidden Hand were both put on ice for good by 2008, Saint Vitus decided to stay reunited full-time. They released their eighth studio album in 2012 with Wino on vocals.

In autumn 2014, they toured Europe for their 35th anniversary, performing their Born Too Late in full. However, on November 9th, Wino was detained in Norway for possession of illegal substances and was deported to the US, leaving the band to finish the tour as a trio.

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