ROCKET – Debut Comedy Album Is Coming April 1st

Legendary rock n roll journalist, Randy “Rocket” Cody, is going to unleash his debut comedy album on April 1st, 2020, and fans can expect the most offensive onslaught ever recorded in history. The title of his first comedic offering to the world is “You Aren’t More Metal Than I Am.. So Shut Up!”

The official cover has yet to be revealed for his hilarious and totally raunchy 1st output. However, the track listing can be found down below. The 10 track ‘studio taped’ performance will be distributed independently via CDBaby.

Rocket comments:

“My debut comedy album has been a longtime coming, and in today’s climate of being politically correct or you get banned everywhere online like I already do, now is the time for me to pull out all the stops and let the world truly have it! On April Fools, 2020, a time of the year for which I am notorious for pulling big pranks on the media world, I will launch the most offensive assault on the establishment that has ever been recorded. I dedicate this album to my comedy idols, George Carlin and Andrew Dice Clay. Be prepared to laugh, bitch, cry and get very angry!

“You Aren’t More Metal Than I Am.. So Shut Up!”

1. Vince Meal

2. Ozzy Needs To Retire… Again

3. Elvis Ate Babies

4. MetalliGA

5. Vicky Cornell, The Wicked Witch Of Grunge

6. Phil Anselmo Has A Small Penis

7. Pornhub Is For Fags

8. Johnny Depp Eats People… But You Still Love Him

9. Van Halen Is Dead

10. You Aren’t More Metal Than I Am… So Shut Up!

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