Rock Stars, Bohemian Grove & The Pedophile Network

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Rock Stars, Bohemian Grove & The Pedophile Network

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

Welcome to the scariest place on earth… and the scarier part is that 9 out of 10 Americans don’t even know it exists.

Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-acre forest blanketed campground located at 20601 Bohemian Avenue, in Monte Rio, California. As the story goes, it’s owned by a private San Francisco-based men’s art club known as the Bohemian Club.

Bohemian Grove serves as the inspiration for “Elysian Fields” in season 5 of popular Netflix show House of Cards, that starred disgraced pedophile actor Kevin Spacey.

It is tightly guarded by patrolling police and “Keep out” signs line the front entrance. Nobody from the outside world is permitted inside, nor has any ‘citizen’ journalist ever been allowed access inside.

Yes, CIA shill Alex Jones made a fake documentary that serves as more ‘disinformation’ from the bloated fake conservative online news host.

I am now going to offer you the most terrifying presentation you have ever laid your eyes on. This is
information that is readily available to anyone if you just google the search words “Bohemian Grove”, okay?

In mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a two-week, three-weekend encampment of some of the most prominent men in the world.

But let me back up first. I want to give everyone a fuller understanding of the camp’s eerie background.

“Not long after the Club’s establishment by newspaper journalists, it was commandeered by prominent San Francisco-based businessmen, who provided the financial resources necessary to acquire further land and facilities at the Grove. However, they still retained the “bohemians”—the artists and musicians—who continued to entertain international members and guests.”

According to a 2016 Washington Post article, late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spent his final moments with members of a secret society which has ties to the Bohemian Grove. The group is called the International Order of St. Hubertus, and they are an Austrian secret society that dates back to the 1600s.

Now keep in mind, no autopsy was ever performed on Justice Scalia.

“He was among high-ranking members of an exclusive fraternity for hunters called the International Order of St. Hubertus…”

Scalia passed away mysteriously while at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, owned by John Poindexter and C. Allen Foster, prominent Washington lawyers who traveled to the ranch with Scalia by private plane, allegedly hold leadership positions within the Order.

This 8-DVD-ROM boxed and shrink-wrapped digital library is the mother lode of documents for anyone who wants to research MK-ULTRA. There are 18,000+ pages of MK-ULTRA documents released under the FOIA.

The Bohemian Club’s all-male membership and guest list includes artists, particularly musicians, as well as many prominent business leaders, government officials, including former U.S. presidents (Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.), senior media executives, and people of power.

A detailed report explains further who is involved, and it includes Mickey Hart of The Grateful Dead.

What do right-wing billionaire Charles Koch, film director Clint Eastwood and Santa Rosa businessman Victor Trione have in common?

The answer, according to WikiLeaks, the secrecy-busting website, is that they are among 2,260 men on the Bohemian Grove guest list for 2008.

Trione, chairman of Luther Burbank Savings, said he was unimpressed with the citation by WikiLeaks and unabashed by his connection with the secretive Bohemian Club.

“Yeah, absolutely, I’m a member,” said Trione, who’s attended the club’s annual summer encampment at the grove in Monte Rio since the mid-1990s. “I love it.”

Trione was one of six men with Sonoma County connections listed as summer camp “guests” by WikiLeaks, whose founder, Julian Assange, has sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London and has been labeled a traitor and a spy by U.S. politicians.

Mickey Hart and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead fame, are among the musicians, including Jimmy Buffett, who are purportedly among membership.

The article continues:

“Founded by San Francisco journalists, artists and musicians after the Civil War, the Bohemian Club soon included wealthy businessmen and is now the province of plutocrats and powerbrokers who welcome musicians and actors for entertainment.”

It is believed actor Brad Pitt, a close friend of Chris Cornell, is a past member of Bohemian Grove, as is director Steven Spielberg.

No evidence I came across leads me to believe Chris was a member. You need to be at least a 33 degree in masonry… and as I understand it, that is a level Chris’ friend Brad Pitt has reached.

According to the following photo dated summer of 1977, past members include Henry Kissinger and former President Gerald Ford.

The 48 gathered members of camp Mandalay represent the following organizations:

CFR, Knights of Malta, Trilateral Commission, Bechtel, Morgan Banking, La Cercle, Atlantic Council of the U.S., CIA directors, Ditchley, 1001 Club, Rand & SRI International.

The Club motto is “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here”, which implies that outside concerns are to be left outside.

“The Cremation of Care ceremony was first conducted in the Bohemian Grove at the Midsummer encampment in 1881, devised by James F. Bowman with George T. Bromley playing the High Priest. It was originally set up within the plot of the serious “High Jinks” dramatic performance on the first weekend of the summer encampment, after which the spirit of “Care”, slain by the Jinks hero, was solemnly cremated. The ceremony served as a catharsis for pent-up high spirits, and “to present symbolically the salvation of the trees by the club …” The Cremation of Care was separated from the other Grove Plays in 1913 and moved to the first night to become “an exorcising of the Demon to ensure the success of the ensuing two-weeks.” The Grove Play was moved to the last weekend of the encampment.” – Wikipedia

Internet sleuth, Don Huber, makes a great correlation between the proven CIA/FBI staged Mandalay Bay shooting and how it mirrors the Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care human Sacrifice to Satan ceremony.

“The primary activities taking place at the Grove are varied and expansive entertainment, such as a grand main stage and a smaller, more intimate stage. Thus, the majority of common facilities are entertainment venues, interspersed among the giant redwoods.”

Sleeping quarters, or “camps”, are said to be “scattered throughout the grove, of which it is reported there were a total of 118 as of 2007.”

The official Card Game for Illuminati: New World Order.

(Double click the image for full size Bohemian Grove timeline)

I dug deeper to learn more about “sacrifices” that have allegedly taken place at Bohemian Grove, as depicted in House of Cards Netflix show.

In the show, a hooded Kevin Spacey turns to the camera with a ridiculous monologue about how “these powerful men can’t sway the result of an election”… which is total B.S., because we all know damn well that in America the President is never elected… he is selected by the Illuminati well ahead of time to execute their agenda on the American people. Everything else is a charade.

Just as I reported previously about Washington D.C. power player, James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong, and his alleged death threat made to a “truther” investigating “kill rooms” supposedly located at Pegasus Museum, I learned Bohemian Grove is another big spot for child sacrifice over the years.

Truther Clyde Lewis offers us the most accurate account of what happens at Bohemian Grove:

“A friend of mine told me that he attended the Bohemian grove gathering and said that he thought it was relaxing. He did however avoid the “cremation of care” ritual because he felt it was a grotesque magic ritual with what looked like robed figures wearing black “klansman” robes and one that looked like a pontiff wearing death paint. There was a wagon carrying a wrapped figure. While it is supposed to be the effigy of a child it appeared to be a heap of blankets that smelled of fuel used for the backyard barbecue. They carried torches to a large Stone owl known as the “Owl of Bohemia”. The owl is lit by floodlights and other men gather in robes, that are red or green. Then an invocation to the spirits of the dead and the spirits of the wood are then given by an officiating priest in a robe. He praises the great owl of Babylon and offers a child called ‘dull care to the horned God. In the ancient writings the horned God was called Molech and he was depicted as a Bull and not an owl. A character dressed like the Grim reaper rolls a small boat in the water in front of the owl. He is a representation of the ferryman and the river Styx bringing with him a child for sacrifice to the horned god. The heavily bound bundle is held and caressed by the officiating members of the groups and it is placed at the foot of the owl and then set on fire. There is a recording of screams and the effigy looks like it is struggling. The officiator declares that within the remains of the effigy of dull care he can see the signs in the ashes. Then metal crosses ignite throughout the area as the final words are spoken and the cremation of care ritual ends. This is supposed to be a ritual that releases any guilt or fear from our leaders, world bankers and power elite.”

The frightening details get only more grim:

“The Bohemian club now does the cremation of care ritual the first night of encampment in order to exorcise any demons and release any anxiety that any member of the grove may have. They are encouraged to scream at the officiators to burn and kill the child and to scream death to its creators—and the members of the encampment oblige in this necromantic ritual that plays out like the plot of a satanic movie.”


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