Rock Cannibals, Kuru Disease & THE PIZZAGATE PROBLEM

Rock Cannibals, Kuru Disease & THE PIZZAGATE PROBLEM

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

(part 1 of a 3 part report)

“Me, I’m dishonest, and you can always trust a dishonest
man to be dishonest. Honestly, it’s the honest ones you have
to watch out for.”

– Johnny Depp

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have a lot to worry about right now, and it has nothing to do with balancing budgets or reserving a round of golf at their local country club. No, not even Stormy Daniels or Roseanne Barre can top this serious dilemma that some of the most powerful players in Washington are staring down right now: ME.

While most #Truthers continue to post pointless video rants on YouTube to their scant amount of subscribers, I am still the only legit journalist battling the corrupt mainstream news media under a total “black out” when it comes to reporting on the biggest political story ever. My work has been exposed to millions over the past 12 months alone, appearing on all of the premiere news sites, and I did it as an independent writer with zero paid ads and a ton of censorship placed against me.

As I battle alone versus the mighty goliath, I stand tall knowing that I have entered uncharted territory.

Did you know that last year the Los Angeles Satanic Temple held its biggest-ever ‘black mass’ with demonic blood-letting? The Devil worshiping organization has 24 chapters across the United States.

Guests were “invited to join invocation and destruction rituals at the event which also served as a fundraiser to further the cause of Satan.”

MK Ultra survivor, Paul Bonacci, gave testimony about being forced to participate in the ritual murder of kids, including the production of snuff films, where the victims horrific murders were filmed. Mr. Bonacci confirmed that the director of these real life horror flicks was none other than Johnny Depp’s late pal, famed Gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson.

Sexual misconduct among our national leaders has reached a frightening level. Last year an emergency session was called to combat sexual harassmentthat is happening on Capitol Hill. Female lawmakers shared stories of male colleagues engaging in predatory behavior.

“Lawmakers in both parties had already expressed support for mandatory sexual harassment awareness training, which is currently voluntary for legislative branch staffers. But they went further in a House Administration Committee hearing on Capitol Hill’s harassment policies and said even more can be done in a male-dominated workplace where sexual harassment can be pervasive. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) gave testimony before the panel, stating at least two current members of Congress have engaged in sexual harassment.”

This follows the massive Pentagon scandal where government employees were busted for downloading child porn.

A 2006 report looking into the Pentagon child pornography stated:

“Defense workers who purchased child porn put the Department of Defense, the military and national security at risk by compromising computer systems, military installations and security clearance.”

“Driving the DoD into greater humiliation and disgrace and generating an even greater flurry of media excitement, were reports that the child pornography suspects also put the Defense Department “at risk of blackmail, bribery and threats.””

The Franklin Cover Up, The Presidio Daycare Tragedy, and McMartin Preschool, were just a few of the bigger name Satanic Ritual Abuse cases of the early nineteen eighties that snowballed into the monster being called PEDOGATE today, also referred to as #Pizzagate, although the latter centers around a pizza shop where kids play ping pong in Washington DC and watch strange pedophile rock bands perform. Believe it or not, some of the biggest names in politics have hung out at this hole in the wall and that is why a lot of people like me are asking questions. Who the hell is James Alefantis and why does anyone give a damn about him? I mean, I know a lot of people who make pizza for a living and guess what? Nobody is writing one word about any of them in any major magazine or calling them one of the 50 most influential people in Washington.

Readers will recall the big scandal that erupted after DNC employee, Seth Rich, was purportedly murdered for leaking John Podesta’s emails to the public in 2016. These emails contained lewd pedophile ‘code words’. The scandal became an inside joke among most people due to the fact that the story was turned into a hoax instead of it being investigated properly. That is why I am here typing these words now, because no other journalist of significance will touch the story. I have uncovered new evidence that I believe is of importance in the matter and that is why I am donating my time to see what I can do to help get to the bottom of things.

A lot of people think cannibalism is good entertainment. But I am here to tell you that the adverse health effects Hollywood Vampires suffer after regularly consuming the flesh and organs of other human beings… is significant. Case in point, Johnny Depp, international movie mega star and part time rocker. Rumor going around is that the Satanic lifestyle is finally catching up to the celebrity wildman.

Fox News issued the shocking article today and a startling picture of the once fit and handsome leading man:

“Johnny Depp has sparked concern after appearing dramatically different while touring Russia with his rock band. Fans commented on Johnny’s pale and gaunt appearance with some concerned that the actor has fallen ill.”

“Kuru is a rare and fatal nervous system disease. Its highest prevalence occurred during the 1950s and 1960s among the Fore people in the highlands of New Guinea. The Fore people contracted the disease by performing cannibalism on corpses during funeral rituals. The name kuru means “to shiver” or “trembling in fear.” The symptoms of the disease include muscle twitching and loss of coordination. Some symptoms include difficulty walking, mood changes, dementia, and difficulty eating. The latter can cause malnutrition. Kuru has no known cure. It’s usually fatal within one year of contraction.”

Other symptoms of Kuru include:

– Poor coordination, slurred speech, muscle twitching and tremors, inability to grasp objects, random, compulsive laughing or crying.”

The CIA backed secret facility on Lookout Mountain called Wonderland has involved many actors and musicians who were tied to a Satanic military madman named Michael Aquino, who founded the Church Of Set, an offshoot of the Church of Satan, where Depp’s even closer pal, shock rocker Marilyn Manson, is an alleged member and high priest. Depp has appeared in Manson’s recent music videos and it was even believed that Depp might actually join Manson’s rock band as a guitarist.

MK Ultra is as real as it gets, trust me. Declassified docs are now available to study online and it will scare the hell out of you. Poor Johnny boy is said to have been a deep programmed operative for the NWO cult. This means he has multiple personality ‘alters’ that are induced by trigger words. One personality has no clue about the other. Shock treatment is used, along with other torture techniques, such as sleep deprivation to get the human robot to play the role Uncle Sam wants them to, understand?

“Shock equipment: models and types are quite varied, depending on age and company. Most have a set of rubber covered wires, with electrodes that may be connected with Velcro, rubber (steel tips imbedded under finger and toe nail beds), or gel pads (larger body areas such as chest, arms, legs). Some are tiny electrodes, which can be taped next to eyes, or placed within genitalia. These are connected to the “shock box”, which has controls that can determine amount of electricity , and frequency, if interval shocks are desired. “Drugs: any number of opiates, barbiturates, hypnotics, sedatives, anesthetic agents. Resuscitative drugs, antidotes are also kept, clearly labeled and indexed. Many drugs, especially experimental ones, are only known by code names, such as ‘alphin 1’.”

Before I take my fans further down the rabbit hole, it’s important that I establish the background of this terrifying tale of demonic blood letting and celebrities who love Lucifer.

“He took the boy’s skin off and put it on me…”

– Paul Bonacci

Keep in mind, Paul Bonacci was not even a teenager yet when this happened to him. As if that is not disgusting enough, Mr. Bonacci detailed the terrifying ritual further: “The third person in the cult would have to eat the eyeballs…”

As the story goes, actor/rocker, Johnny Depp, the skilled actor that he is, made a public outcry occur that ultimately led to the release of the infamous West Memphis 3, who were alleged Satanic disciples who savagely mutilated 3 little kids.

Thought Catalog site details the compelling facts of the story:

THE SACRIFICES: Three eight-year-old boys — Steve Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers

In 1994, teenagers Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr., and Jason Baldwin were arrested and tried for the murders of three young boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. At the time, the prosecution asserted that the boys were murdered as part of a satanic ritual. All three of the accused were convicted of the murders and sentenced to life imprisonment and, in Echols case, the death penalty (which was never carried out by the State). Following the submission of new DNA evidence in 2010, the State of Arkansas negotiated a plea agreement with all three of the accused and allowed them to submit Alford pleas which essentially asserts that while the three acknowledge that the State has enough evidence to convict them, they maintain their innocence. The three were then released on time served.

Pictured: The West Memphis 3

“The boys had been stripped naked and were hogtied with their own shoelaces: their right ankles tied to their right wrists behind their backs, the same with their left arms and legs. Their clothing was found in the creek, some of it twisted around sticks that had been thrust into the muddy ditch bed. The clothing was mostly turned inside-out; two pairs of the boys’ underwear were never recovered. Christopher Byers had lacerations to various parts of his body, and mutilation of his scrotum and penis.”

“It is alleged by many that the WM3 were convicted based on a coerced and wildly inaccurate confession by Misskelley, scant and misleading evidence, small-town prejudice against heavy metal kids and good old-fashioned American Satanic panic.”

It turns out that the West Memphis prosecutors were sitting on a mountain of additional evidence.

“Much of it is inadmissible in court (for various unjust reasons), but it nonetheless offers a compelling new view of the case.”

Here are some of those unpublished facts.

“Blue wax found on the bodies matched wax found in Damien’s room and a candle belonging to his girlfriend. The Knife – multiple people testified it was Damien’s knife, including his ex-girlfriend Deanna Holcomb. She said Damien’s knife stood out because it had a compass, and the knife manufacturer testified that the knife found was missing a compass.”

“The so called “bitemark” on Stevie Branch perfectly matches the diameter of the compass slot, complete with central wound for the pin. It’s shocking that an innocent man’s knife would match not just the knife wounds, but other contusions on the body too. A necklace was found (too late to be included in trial evidence) in Damien’s possession that was covered with blood. Tests proved that the DNA on it was consistent with Damien, Jason and… Stevie Branch. The three boys were tied with three, distinct, unique knots. This usually points to three distinct killers and is almost unheard of in cases involving just one suspect.”

“If you pause the Paradise Lost VHS at exactly 00:42:12, Damien Echols’ mouth is in such a position that he looks as if he’s pronouncing the first vowel of the word “guilty,” as in the phrase “I’m guilty.””

“Prison officials intercepted three checks addressed to Damien Echols in 1995. They were each for a sum of six thousand dollars, endorsed by a “Mr. Baphomet,” with glowing, evil-looking runes scrawled on the memo line.”

What was really unusual was a visit Mr. Depp made to the White House back in 2009 dressed up in full Mad Hatter regalia.

“Depp, Tim Burton and Mia Wasikowska made appearances at the White House’s Alice in Wonderland-themed Halloween party in 2009, where roughly 2,000 kids frolicked on the North Lawn and got to see Barack and Michelle Obama. But only 200 very special guests made it inside the White House for an invitation-only party featuring the Alice VIPS, all of whom dressed for the occasion. (Burton appears to have gone as the Knave of Hearts.) And considering Alice in Wonderland didn’t hit theaters until March 2010, the insiders got quite the up-close-and-personal sneak preview. Dueling versions of this so-called hush-hush event are now swirling in the media, after Jody Kantor supposedly blew the lid off the party in her new book, The Obamas, writing, “White House officials were so nervous about how a splashy, Hollywood-esque party would look to jobless Americans—or their representatives in Congress, who would soon vote on health care—that the event was not discussed publicly and Burton’s and Depp’s contributions went unacknowledged.”

The location of The White House sits above underground tunnels I learned that directly connect to the region where Comet Ping Pong is located.

An occult expert details the scary facts of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA):

“The organization, Looking Up, founded initially as a nationwide support/referral program for incest survivors, serves approximately 15,000 people a year, 40% of whom now are reporting they are dealing with ritualistic or cult related abuse. According to a spokesperson for JUSTUS Unlimited in Denver, a non-profit referral and resource center, they are currently receiving more than 7,000 Satanic ritual abuse related calls a year. (What’s more, they are also hearing from all over the world: Australia, New Zealand, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Canada…) Given the tangible evidence now surfacing, and given the volume of people reporting Satanic cult related abuse, it would seem curious the FBI would come out with such a definitive stance attempting to discredit the increasing phenomenon. Of course, then again, it was the same FBI that for more than the first half of this century consistently said there was no evidence whatsoever of another type of “organized” criminal activity. That is — Mafia related crime.”

Actually, Satanic cults are somewhat similar to Mafia crime families. There is, for instance, extreme secrecy through code of silence programming. This is usually initiated with the signing of a “blood” contract. Wendell Amstutz, author of Satanism in America, said these contracts are generally signed in the initiate’s own blood. The contract, said Amstutz, usually demands life-long obedience. And breaking it means death.

In the end, The West Memphis 3 seems to get away with murder. Who gets a matching tattoo with one of the killers to celebrate the victory for Satan?

None other than Mr. Wonderland himself… Johnny Depp.


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