MOTLEY CRUE – To Reunite To Record Four New Songs

Glam metal band, MOTLEY CRUE, who bid farewell to their fans on December 31st 2015, will be getting back together soon to record four new songs, according to a Tweet sent by lead singer Vince Neil.

If you recall, last year bassist Nikki Sixx pitched a giant bitch fit when the band was HOAXED. The fake press story which claimed the band was going to reunite (despite saying they would not) turns out to be true now… in the brand new update from vocalist Vince Neil, they finally come clean:

In the post, Neil stated:

“Exciting news! I’ll be going back in recording studio in a few weeks with the boys to record 4 brand new Mötley Crüe tracks! Rock On!!”

While no confirmation has been given by guitarist Mick Mars, drummer Tommy Lee or bass player Nikki Sixx, the latter two have recently been working with producer Bob Rock on material, which is rumoured to be for their biopic, “The Dirt,” based on the book of the same name.

Source: metalunderground

*** 10/19/2018 UPDATE: Vince was spotted recently rocking his “Donuts only” diet… let’s hope for his own health that he slows the intake on all those Dr. Feelgood Desserts.

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