MITHRIDACTIC – New Album Announced

The Korporation is proud to announce the new MITHRIDACTIC album, “Tetanos Mystique”, has been scheduled for a September 13 release date.

Three years after its impressive debut full-length, “Miserable Miracle“, soon followed by a full Europe tour with NILE and MELECHESH and a year after audio and video digital live album “He Who Lies underneath“, MITHRIDATIC return with a grim, sick and twisted new album, again mixed and mastered by Francis CASTE at SAINTE MARTHE studio (SINSANEUM, ARKHON INFAUSTUS, DEHUMAN…).

Based on books by Roger GILBERT-LECOMTE, Louis-Ferdinand CELINE and Charles BUKOWSKI, “Tetanos Mystique” is a neauseating beast of infectious Blackened Death Metal that twists rusted knives further into your soiled wounds, with a rictus sardonic and a fetish for madness, fever and disease, the absence of morale and the void you’re definitely not prepared for!

The album will be available as a 500 copies limited edition DigiPak CD first gprint and Digital along with new merch. Preorders will start August 5th.

You’ll find the complete track-list, line-up and list of links in the attached press release along with a band logo, picture and the album artwork by Florian DEVILLE. You’ll also find there links to the complete video digital live album “He Who Lies Underneath” and debut full-length, “Miserable Miracle“. Enjoy!

Listeners can download their FREE copy of the band’s 2014 single, “The Hunt Is On” at the XENOKORP Store here or XENOKORP Bandcamp here.

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