HATEBREED – New Album ‘Postponed Indefinitely’

HATEBREED was slated to release their new studio album in May, but now the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the band to postpone.

The band’s frontman Jamey Jasta revealed that the band’s new record has been “postponed indefinitely”:

“Album is postponed indefinitely. I’m told retail and pressing plants in Europe and North America will be closing or are closed already, making manufacturering/pre-orders impossible. Our fans buy a lot of vinyl/CDs so the label needs to protect their investment, understandably.”

“The New Haven, Connecticut-based Hatebreed got together in 1993 for the purpose of creating a “back to basics” hardcore band with heavy metallic guitars, screaming vocals, and 30-second songs. Consisting of Jamey Jasta (vocals), Lou “Boulder” Richards (guitar), Chris Beattie (bass), Sean Martin (guitar), and Rigg Ross (drums), Hatebreed had the chance to play throughout the East Coast while sharing the stage with the likes of Entombed, the Deftones, Slayer, and Napalm Death. By 1997, Victory Records released the quintet’s debut full-length, entitled Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire.” – All Music

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