GREY DAZE – Debut New Music Video

GREY DAZE are celebrating today’s (June 26th) release of their new album “Amends” with the debut of a track titled “Morei Sky.“ The band featured a pre-Linkin Park Chester Bennington in the lineup and had reunited with the singer prior to his 2017 death.

To pay tribute to their friend and the music they created together, they revisited his original vocal tracks in the studio, revisiting a number of previously released songs. Various special guests were brought in to help flesh out the sessions, including members of Korn, Bush and Bennington‘s own son, Jaime.

The ongoing Chester Bennington independent death investigation conducted by Randy “Rocket” Cody of TMD will continue on July 2nd, when Rocket posts part 1 of his new 3 part report.

Cody is most well known for his work investigating the deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. He posted over 400 long format reports between 2017 and 2018, reaching over an estimated one billion online readers in that time due to his work being published at many major mainstream news sites, including the Detroit News in the USA, one of the top 10 most read newspapers in the United States. Cody was interviewed about the late SOUNDGARDEN frontman’s purported suicide by hanging, and a subsequent Detroit News newspaper article was circulated to the public next which featured Cody. The article was titled ‘Chris Cornell Death Probe Leaves Some Unsatisfied’, and the news story next exploded into a viral sensation when LINKIN PARK vocalist, Chester Bennington, was found hanging on Chris Cornell’s birthday two months later in 2017. Cody’s work was immediately deemed a hoax by the Inquisitr news site by way of a piece titled “For Some Reason, People Believe Chester Bennington And Chris Cornell Were Murdered By A Pedophile Ring.”

It is Cody’s site who claimed from the start that Chris Cornell did not commit suicide and was murdered due to damning info he came across that was tied to an elite child trafficking ring operating out of Washington DC, commonly referred to as “Pizzagate.” Cody was approached by an anonymous source with the file for a ‘black book’ that Mr. Cornell was in possession of at the time of his death, said to belong to billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Although, Cody made it clear to Detroit News crime reporter, George Hunter, during his July/2017 phone interview that he personally feels it is Chris Cornell’s bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, who is the person that’s responsible for Cornell’s death. Detroit PD will not release the closed circuit security camera footage from outside Chris Cornell’s hotel room they claimed they watched which verifies that the bodyguard did indeed kick the door in and not be pretending that he did. For this reason alone, Cody believes very strongly that Chris Cornell did not commit suicide.

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