GENE SIMMONS – 2018 Time Magazine Person of the Year?

Believe it or not, Gene Simmons of KISS is leading the race to become Time magazine’s Person of the Year in 2018. But while the musician’s fans are thrilled with the news, many people hold a very different opinion.

“The list of nominees for Time magazine’s Person of the Year is always an eclectic mix of world leaders, pop culture icons, buzzworthy names, and human rights activists like Jeff Bezos. The unexpected inclusion of the 69-year-old musician, as a 2018 nominee has therefore sparked controversy and debate.”

“What makes Simmons so important is the potential and influence he now has, rather than anything he has already done,” said a panelist who preferred to remain anonymous, adding that earlier this month, the musician have already been named ‘American Of The Year’ by some major American newspapers and even ‘Tirat HaCarmel Citizen Of The Year’ by the readers of a local gazette in Tirat HaCarmel (Gene Simmons’ hometown).

Whether he is hocking one of his over priced KISS picture books or telling you how to live your life, Gene Simmons is a one of a kind rock superstar. This man has so much talent oozing out of his pores that it’s said Hugh Hefner once actually tried to bottle the substance to sell as a fragrance via Playboy magazine.


A representative for the musician was not immediately available for comment, but the announcement generated immediate reaction on Twitter:

“Gene Simmons Named Person of the Year Is No ‘Surprise’.”
— @TheNewsEditor, 16 Nov 2018

“Great choice! Long overdue recognition for his talents. #LoveGene”
— @BarbaraHeyboer, 16 Nov 2018

“Past recipients include Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler … then why not Gene Simmons?”
— @TheClassicObserver, 16 Nov 2018

According to The Gateway Online:

Bezos may be a favourite to win 2018’s Person of the Year, but considering the competition, that really isn’t saying much. Elon Musk is a contender, despite the hit his personal stock must’ve taken once he started calling people that disagree with him ‘pedos.’ Justin Trudeau is a favourite too, even though he’s so blandly wholesome that he most likely cuts the crust off his Kraft cheese-and-mayonnaise sandwiches with a plastic knife. Oh yeah, and in a surprising and totally unexpected turn of events, Gene Simmons is the odds-on favourite. Bezos doesn’t have a chance because he’s outstanding; he has a chance simply because the field is that weak. This seems like one of those years that TIME might give the honor to an idea, like “The Computer” (1982), or maybe get lazy like they did in 2006 and just give it to “You.”

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