EARTH ROT – New Album Announced

Australian blackened death metal act EARTH ROT will release Black Tides of Obscurity on March 6 via Season of Mist, making it their debut to the label. Its track listing can be found below.

Earth Rot comment: “A morbid hallucination of the inevitable end. Heralded by titanic black waves, monstrous tentacles spill forth from the abyss, accompanied by a total fracturing of the mind. Hanging black in the heavens, an all-seeing spectre of the adversary confirms our darkest fear: doom is coming for us all. It is with much excitement we reveal the title and artwork for our upcoming Season of Mist debut release, ‘Black Tides of Obscurity’ with artwork by the exceptional Khaos Diktator Design. To celebrate the album release, we’ve handpicked lineups of the best that Australia’s underground metal scene has to offer. Direct support comes from South Australia’s most blasphemous sons: Christ Dismembered.”

Black Tides of Obscurity track listing:

01. Dread Rebirth
02. New Horns
03. Towards A Godless Shrine
04. Unparalleled Gateways To Higher Obliteration
05. Ancestral Vengeance
06. The Cape Of Storms
07. Serpent’s Ocean
08. Mind Killer
09. Unravelling Vapour Of Sanity
10. Out In The Cold

Australian filth merchants Earth Rot are four of the most fetid knaves joining together in chorus to celebrate all that is dark and vile in the history of music. It is homage to the classic and interpretation of the modern. It is hateful, harmful, sinister and melancholy noise shaped by the world around you.

Earth Rot bring a fresh breed of grim, disgusting metal with their debut releases of ‘Follow The Black Smoke’ album and Dirt ‘EP’ since their formation in early 2014.

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