DOWN – Earliest Demo Recording Unearthed


TMD unearths a rare demo recording by New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) heavy metal act DOWN.

The demo – believed to be the earliest ever by the band – is for the track “Bury Me In Smoke” off DOWN’s groundbreaking debut released on September 19, 1995. It is said this demo was recorded at some point in 1993.

As the story goes, legendary PANTERA vocalist Philip H. Anselmo started a new musical project with guitarist Pepper Keenan of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY fame in 1991. They next produced a three-track demo that would specifically be used for ‘underground trading’. In a unique move designed to jump start their fan base, they would ask random fans if they’d ever “heard of this band called Down” and hand out copies of the tape without letting the person know that they were part of the group. The band – rounded out by Jimmy Bower on drums and Kirk Windstein on guitar and bass – would eventually be signed to Elektra Records.

And the NOLA album itself… well, it indeed buried everyone in their smoke, going on to hit platinum status with 1,000,000 copies sold in America.

Listen to the extremely rare recording below!

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