DELIRIUM – New Album Details Revealed

Franconian pagan metal act DELIRIUM have set April 12th, 2019 as the release date for their sophomore album “Urkraft”, which will be released via MDD! Those who know the band from their numerous live shows or the “Wolfshenker” 2014 EP already know what to expect: eight brand new tracks of extremely varied Pagan Metal with a lot of devotion for great melodies, covering a stylistic spectrum from black metal chaos to banging, straight rock riffs. “Urkraft” was recorded at the Soundbath Studios in Rothenburg at the beginning of last year with the participation of various guest musicians such as Pascal Pfannenschmidt (Munarheim) and Jonas Müller (Boötes Void). Travos from Thormesis is responsible for the production, mixing and mastering and also contributes with some guest vocals.

The Pagan Metal Band Delirium from the Franconian Country brings its listeners with great attention to varied, melodic riffing combined with constantly present hardness in times gone by, when Franconian culture was alive everywhere. In terms of text, one deals with legends and legends from all over Franconia on the one hand, as with themes from the Germanic world of gods and historical events on the other.

Since its founding in 2006, the sound of the 5 musicians has changed from rather uncut, raw death metal to a wide-ranging world of sound in which one uses from all areas of rock and metal. From black-metallic chaos, to buzzing melody passages, to crashing straight rock riffs, you get everything served on a motley, cobbled battle plate.

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