CIRITH UNGOL – Debut New Single

CIRITH UNGOL have unleashed a new song titled “Before Tomorrow.” The track comes from the band’s new album, Forever Black, which is slated to drop on April 24 via through Metal Blade. You can check it out above.

“Los Angeles-based metal band Cirith Ungol formed in 1981, taking their name from a tower which played a key role in author J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series. The lineup originally comprised singer Tim Baker, guitarist Jerry Fogle, bassist Michael Flint, and drummer Robert Garvin, and made its debut with the Enigma release Frost and Fire, followed three years later by King of the Dead. In the wake of 1986’s One Foot in Hell, both Fogle and Flint left Cirith Ungol, and the band spent the next five years out of action, recruiting guitarist Jim Barraza and bassist Vernon Green for their fourth LP, Paradise Lost. In the wake of Barraza’s departure, Cirith Ungol disbanded in May of 1992.”

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