CHRIS CORNELL, Missing Kids & The Body Part Factories!


CHRIS CORNELL, Missing Kids & The Body Part Factories!

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

Remember the worst case scenario I mentioned in previous reports? Well, it’s here.

My independent death investigation for late SOUNDGARDEN frontman, Chris Cornell, has a much wider scope now with the #Pizzagate scandal involved as it relates to the overall PEDOGATE saga I have been on the trail of for the last 5+ months.

What I have now learned about the Satanic elite’s international child trafficking ring is perhaps the most shocking and truly horrifying detail I have shared to date. In the end, it all ties back to Chris and Chester.

“Skippy” the killer and his brother, Tony, look to be in pretty bad shape ‘legally and professionally’ at this time, though neither has been confirmed to be arrested yet. Initial reports had Tony turning himself in and “Skippy” gone into hiding.

The Podesta Group, as reported by True Pundit, “effectively closed its doors”, this info coming directly from insiders of the embattled firm.

While an eruption of cheers from Podesta brothers haters, like myself, is understandable at this time with such wonderful news, let’s look more closely at what was actually said:

“Employees still remaining at the firm do not even expect to be paid again, according to sources. The company, in effect, appears to be finished.” Kimberley Fritts, the CEO of the Podesta Group, resigned about a week after Tony Podesta stepped down from the lobbying powerhouse he founded. Sources tell True Pundit the firm has lost numerous clients and millions in billables since U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller started snooping around the firm’s links to Paul Manafort who was indicted last week. Wells Fargo and Oracle have vacated Podesta’s firm. It appears all the talent is in the process of vacating the firm.”

This is certainly good news, and hopefully the Podesta brothers will be investigated for collusion with Russia on Uranium One deal tied to Hillary the National Disgrace, plus all the sick pedophile activity they’ve been allegedly involved in over the past decade plus, the fact is we are living in the Fourth Reich, and that means the U.S. has been compromised by a Satanic shadow government who control the media and all of the police and politicians.

“At one point, in either 2013 or early 2014, our source says a meeting was held that included both Tony Podesta and a representative of the Clinton Foundation. The explicit subject of that meeting: How to assist Uranium One, the Russian-owned company which controls 20 percent of U.S. uranium production capacity, and whose board members gave more than $100 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. As our source put it, ‘Tony Podesta was basically part of the Clinton Foundation.’”- Tucker Carlson

If President Trump is not already compromised, he is certainly beginning to act like he is.

He damn well better drop the hammer on these two… and then next go after the rest who are involved.

I sure hope he doesn’t turn out to be a snake in the grass, working under another secret agenda without knowledge or consent from the people.

In fact, it’s my belief that the new U.S. President could be the evil mastermind behind all of the recent mass shootings, rock star killings and massive cover ups.

With his sinister ties to the Rothschilds, President Trump might just be a frontman for the Illuminati.

Don’t forget he and the Clinton’s billionaire pedophile buddy, Jeff Epstein, who they all hung out with at his private island where later Epstein got convicted of raping girls as young as 12.

There is a black book that was confiscated from Epstein… and yes, I have verified that Trump, Clinton, along with actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker all were on that island hanging out with underage girls, based off the purported flight logs.

But first, let’s go over the believed kill list of “Skippy” and Tony, shall we? It obviously includes Madeleine McCann a missing 3 yr old who was snatched from her bed in the middle of the night in 2007 while on vacation with her parents in Portugal.

The Podesta brothers were both spotted in that area at the same time purportedly and fingered via a police sketch nails them down as the men seen in the area at the time of the girl’s disappearance by an eyewitness.

Rumor is that possibly the parents of the little girl are involved in the murder, having offered her
up to the Podesta brothers for a very large sum of money.

The fact is that the Podesta brothers were staying with a known pedophile at the time of the girl’s disappearance.

While many feel the young girl was sold into sex slavery…

I have another theory. I believe she is already dead. They cut her throat during a Satanic ceremony and bled her out into jeweled goblets the coven members drink from. The little girl was then decapitated as per their order from Satan, where they have sex with her head next, performing fellatio with it, before removing the still beating heart to eat and then sacrifice her to the lake of fire.

All of this, of course, after these sickos took turns raping the scared little girl.

The Clinton’s and Podesta’s connection to James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong in Washington D.C. is what has most “truthers” on edge because of all the mountains of evidence that pedophilia is going on in front of the “open to all ages” audience when the Satanic house band Heavy Breathing says one raunchy, sexually profane comment after the next and speaks against God at every turn.

Let me keep going with the Podesta body count.

Do y’all recall Seth Rich? He was the DNC staffer who leaked Podesta’s emails to Wikileaks… and shortly after was found shot dead in the street. No wallet or money taken from him. Yet, not one single update on the case by DC police.

They choose to remain silent just like in the Comet Ping Pong situation, where alleged child porn was found on their company computer by a hacker who was later threatened by Alefantis with death.

Overall. there is no telling how many kids have been abducted and transported by Podestas and Alefantis via the underground tunnel system so they could be shipped as “live art” across the world undetected.

It is believed the Dupont Tunnels that run underneath Comet Ping Pong are used to secretly transport all the kids that have been abducted. As I understand it, their terrified cries cannot be heard. Everyone walking above in the city has no clue about the absolute horror going on underneath their feet.

Remember now, Wikileaks revealed that “Skippy” and his brother attend “spirit cooking” parties with known Satanist Marina Abramovic, close friend of Lady Gaga’s, and both Podesta’s have been to Comet Ping Pong.

Hillary Clinton and Obama have also attended “pizza” parties at Comet Ping Pong.

“Skippy” who is a former farm slaughter worker likes to “kill and grill” the prey he hunts down.

There is a purported video online that depicts a little boy being abused at Comet Ping Pong that will in the same way just rip your heart out if you listen to it.

Fans following my work have asked me recently, “Where do they dump all these kids dead bodies?”

Well, I am afraid I now have the answer to that. And frankly, it’s damn heartbreaking.

A stunning new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) forces loyal to President Donald Trump have just conducted a massive raid against one of the largest “body-part death factories” in the US after it was linked to both Hillary Clinton and CIA gun runner and human smuggler Stephen Paddock (who was the “designated patsy” for the Las Vegas massacre)—while at the same time, the “Deep State” attacks against Trump over his supposed collusion with Russia are now being called “an embarrassment to America” after their being exposed for the lies they really are.”

If you recall, there has been widespread accounts in various cities throughout America who report that kids have mysteriously vanished from the foster care situation they had been placed with never to be seen again. And we aren’t talking just a handful, we’re talking hundreds all around the United States just since Halloween.

Chris’ good friend, Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK band, was found hanging in his home on July 20th, Chris’ birthday, and I have uncovered 100% collusion between John “Skippy” Podesta and the band LINKIN PARK by way of the SE4ALL global initiative, The Hyatt Hotel Group and the oldest masonic lodge in England.

It is my theory that both rock legends were suicided, a more complex form of murder. It involved elaborate planning well ahead of the killings, a staged scene and a removal of body with no cameras, and a massive media cover-up afterward which involved the police, mainstream news and city politicians.

The evidence points to Chris and Chester being sacrificed to Satan because they were about to expose what was happening in Washington D.C., one before the other, and while many certainly want to see the likes of the Podestas, plus Hillary and Bill Clinton go down for all of their crimes against humanity, we are talking about some of the most powerful people in not just our country… but in the entire world.

That is why the mainstream news called all my early reports “hoaxes”. They were desperate to try and turn people’s attention away from the truth being told.

Word going around “truthers” looking at both cases is that Chester was indeed the bastard
son of “Skippy”, and that is why there was collusion going on between LINKIN PARK and Podesta that essentially made this elite rock band an operative for the crooked CIA/FBI hijacked U.S. government.

According to this report:

“…FBI forces from both Las Vegas and Washington D.C. joined with their counterparts in Portland, Oregon, and descended en masse upon one of America’s largest wholesalers of human body parts named MedCure—whose business is described as soliciting thousands of Americans to donate their bodies to science each year—and who then profits by dissecting the parts and distributing them for use by researchers and educators throughout the world.”

All of this is part of the Luciferian globalist agenda to suppress the most important facts and only let out bits and pieces to the general public, okay?

My gut tells me that the CIA and FBI are fully involved in the trafficking ring, as it has been going on steadily since the Reagan admin in the eighties, continuing with George Bush Sr, all the way up to Obama and Trump now, sadly.

This is all a government charade. The shitty crisis actors like Corey Feldman “who just want to put an end to kids being abused once and for all” are doing nothing but serve as disinformation puppets.

Think about it. Think really damn hard. The Las Vegas shooting was proven to not be the work of one lone gunman, Paddock, as they are trying to sell to us.

There were multiple shooters chasing people on the ground, according to several witnesses.

They are making him the patsy now… trying to dirty his character up even more so they can keep selling their ‘false narrative’ to the public.

The report continues:

“MedCure was founded in 2006 by David Urbina and Janis Locenieks, this report details, but became “highly concerning” to FBI investigators in Washington D.C. when they discovered that the international law firm Perkins Coie had been paying over $100,000 a year to a Beaverton, Oregon company named Wood Furniture Pdx—whose sole owner is MedCure founder Janis Locenieks, with its supposed woodworking factory location, at 4016 SW 96th Ave Beaverton, Oregon, being no such thing as it’s a single residence mansion valued at over $550,000—with it, also, being important to note that Perkins Coie was directed by both the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to retain Fusion GPS, in April of 2016, to compile the fake “Russian Dossier” on President Trump.”

And the summary concludes:

“While FBI investigators in Washington D.C. were becoming “highly concerned” as to why Hillary Clinton’s law firm was paying MedCure founder Janis Locenieks hundreds-of-thousands of dollars, FBI investigators in Las Vegas, at the same time, became “shockingly alarmed” after they discovered that CIA gun runner and human smuggler Stephen Paddock made regular deliveries to the MedCure facility in Henderson, Nevada—and though SVR intelligence analysts do not suggest that Paddock was using MedCure as a “body dumping station”, they do stunningly note that Nevada has the worst laws governing human remains in the entire US—whose elected or appointed Sheriffs are mandated by law to be coroners, even without medical education—and who are, also, the sole determiner as to the cause of death—thus making this State the “perfect/ideal” location to rid oneself of the unwanted bodies of those killed during illegal human smuggling operations. ”

As the story goes, MedCure is one of the largest brokers of cadavers and body parts in the U.S.. From 2011 through 2015, “documents obtained under public-record laws show, the company received more than 11,000 donated bodies and distributed more than 51,000 body parts to medical industry customers nationally. In a current brochure, the company says that 80,000 additional people have pledged to donate their bodies to MedCure when they die.”

It is illegal to profit from the sale of organs destined for transplant, such as hearts and kidneys. But as a Reuters series detailed last month, it is legal in most U.S. states to sell donated whole bodies or their dissected parts, such as arms and heads, for medical research, training and education.

Commonly known as body brokers, these operations profit by targeting people who are so poor they cannot afford a burial or cremation.

Reuters pointed out how people who donate their bodies to science may be “unwittingly contributing to commerce”… and even more creepy is a Reuters reporter bought two heads and a spine from a Tennessee broker with just a few emails.


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