CANDLEMASS – Debut New Music Video

CANDLEMASS have unleashed a new music video for their single “Porcelain Skull.” The song can be found on their coming EP, “The Pendulum“, out March 27th. That effort consists of several previously unreleased b-sides tracked during the sessions for the band’s latest full-length outing, “The Door To Doom“. The group’s Leif Edling commented:

“I think the video really captures the schizophrenic lyrics to the ‘Porcelain Skull‘ song. It is about the eternal battle with our dark selves. Avatarium did a fine version of it on their latest album but this one is rawer and harder, hits you right in the face!”

“Sweden’s Candlemass helped reintroduce the lumbering power chords of Black Sabbath to an entire generation of post-New Wave of British Heavy Metal and post-thrash metalheads, almost single-handedly writing the handbook for the modern doom metal movement in the process. Emerging in 1986 with the landmark Epicus Doomicus Metallicus — the LP helped coin the genre — the band issued four more influential albums before ceasing operations in 1994. They reunited three years later and released Dactylis Glomerata, which saw them adopt a more avant-garde approach, but called it quits again shortly thereafter.” – All Music

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