BRAIN DRILL – Call It Quits

Santa Cruz, CA technical death metal act BRAIN DRILL have broken up after roughly 14 years and four records (including two with Metal Blade Records).

The band issued the following statement:

“As of last month we’ve mutually decided to bring Brain Drill to an end. We simply do not have the spare time to play shows, tour or record anymore. So after being a band for 15 years we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best to just be done with it. We are very thankful and grateful for the support we were given by all of our fans around the world throughout the years in helping us create the Brain Drill trilogy. Thanks again to everyone for all of the support and goodbye.”

“Brain Drill was founded in 2005 by Guitarist Dylan Ruskin; originally meant to be a side project[ by guitarist Dylan Ruskin after parting from his main band Burn at the Stake. Ruskin began searching for and trying out drummers, eventually finding and hiring as a paid studio drummer Marco Pitruzella (former drummer of death metal groups, Vile, Vital Remains, The Faceless, and other extreme metal bands). After a few months of jam sessions, vocalist Steve Rathjen was then recruited by Ruskin and joined the band. The trio entered Castle Ultimate Studios with producer Zack Ohren and recorded their six-track EP/Demo dubbed The Parasites, during March and May 2006. Soon after the recording, Rathjen left the band and was replaced by former Dead Syndicate singer, Andre Cornejo.Former Vile bassist Jeff Hughell was added to the band as the new and permanent member.”

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