BENIGHTED – Debut New Single, Feat. Jamey Jasta

Extreme French metal act BENIGHTED have unleashed “Implore the Negative,” the second single from their upcoming full-length, Obscene Repressed (due out April 10 through Season of Mist). “Implore the Negative” features guest vocals from Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta and can be streamed above.

Benighted comment: “Massive brutality unleashed, here we go! We are so happy and proud to deliver the second track of our new album ‘Obscene Repressed’ with the mighty Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed, who is featured as guest vocalist. We really thank him for being such a passionate guy and for being a part of our new baby! Here it is sickos, we hope you enjoy ‘Implore The Negative.’ This neck-breaking track is about the very moment Michael’s mind is running away from reality, and lets him fall into a psychosis to keep him alive!”

“Benighted is a French heavy metal outfit that dabbled in blackened death metal before going full-on deathgrind, Benighted emerged in the late 1990s with a crew that was culled from some of the region’s most insidious noisemakers: Dishumanized, Darkness Fire, and Osgiliath. After snapping necks with their 2000 debut, the group went on to issue a string of influential grindcore/death metal albums like Insane Cephalic Production (2004), Icon (2007), Asylum Cave (2011), and Necrobreed (2018), all the while forging new paths of sonic brutality and lyrical depravity.”

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