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Carmine Appice Destroys Nikki Sixx: “At least this washed drummer can play his instrument well!”

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s Nikki Sixx has been taking a beating in the media since legendary drummer Carmine Appice revealed the true story behind why Mick Mars departed the Crue late last year. Once Appice let the cat out of the bag, it added more fuel to the fire of #LipSyncGate, which all began last year when the Crue’s drummer Tommy Lee was caught fake drumming on The Stadium Tour. Couple this with singer Vince Neil getting busted doing lip-sync at one of the Crue’s Atlantic City, NJ gigs earlier in 2023 the shit hit the fan for the glam band, and their leader Sixx is in damage control mode doing everything he can to stop the bleeding.

After the story broke about Appice outing Sixx’s web of lies, Sixx threw a temper tantrum on Twitter calling Appice a “washed up drummer.”

Appice has now responded to Sixx’s insult with his own gem of a Tweet:

“At least this washed drummer can play his instrument well!”

One of the first to jump to Appice’s defense is RATT legend Stephen Pearcy, who also went on the record recently to expose the fake musician Nikki Sixx for “having his bass piped in” during concerts.

The Sync Army asks Stephen Pearcy of Ratt his opinions on the use of backing tracks and inadvertently throws Nikki Sixx of MÖTLEY CRÜE under the bus exposing him of use of bass backing tracks.

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