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MESMUR – Debut New Single

International death/funeral doom metal act MESMUR will be releasing their new album “Chthonic” on April 14th 2023 via Solitude Prod. (RUS) and Aesthetic Death (UK).

Now the band premieres a brand new single, “Petroglyph”. Stream it HERE.

The album’s title is based on the Greek word for “underworld”, and where the band’s previous albums have explored themes of cosmic entropy and earthly apocalypse, “Chthonic” looks to the spirit world for its inspiration. Formed as a collection of paranormal horror tales, it speaks of fabled entities making contact through the veil of sleep, summoning prey to subterranean depths, or haunting a post apocalyptic landscape.

Musically, the album continues the trajectory that MESMUR have established through previous works. Featuring viola and cello performances from Brianne Vieira and guest organ from Kostas Panagiotou of UK funeral doom act Pantheist (for whom Jeremy and John of Mesmur recently contributed guitars and drums on their 2021 record “Closer to God”), “Chthonic” strikes a careful balance between melody and dissonance as it displays its haunted imagery. Crushing doom riffs are overlain with ethereal synths and cavernous vocals to build a dark and vivid atmosphere, and the intricate compositions utilize a narrative approach influenced as much by 70’s progressive rock as by extreme doom metal. Like the band’s previous two releases, the album features beautifully eerie and vibrant cover art from Ukrainian painter Vladislav Cadaversky.

Working in collaboration with Solitude Prod. (RUS) and Aesthetic Death (UK), “Chthonic” will be released initially on digi CD on 14th April 2023, with plans for a vinyl release to follow later.

Tracklist:01. Chthonic (Prelude)




Chthonic (Coda)

Initially started in 2013 as a side project of Jeremy Lewis and John Devos (of progressive black metal act Dalla Nebbia), MESMUR is an international collection of musicians with a shared artistic goal to create immersive and unpredictable death/funeral doom metal. Dense, with vivid atmosphere that carries a constant sense of foreboding and unease, and with riffs and melodies that straddle the line between accessibility and obscurity, MESMUR’s music draws inspiration from a diverse set of influences ranging from Esoteric and Ea to King Crimson and Univers Zero.