July 19, 2024

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MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Nikki Sixx Made Mick Mars Cry (UPDATED)

Nikki Sixx has been caught in another cover-up with fans, when TMD blew up the story about legendary MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars being replaced by John 5. Sixx did not want that story to get out and become the monster it swelled into, but the fact is it did, and he had to get out in front of it by admitting (via Variety) that indeed TMD got it right and yes, Mars is out. The ticket sales for the Crue’s World Tour had just been announced days before all of the Mick Mars/John 5 news hit the industry, thus the bombshell story forced Sixx to have to make a smart PR move so that ticket sales would not be affected.

The original plan was not to say anything at all about the replacement of Mars until tickets sold out. Fans are not happy because Sixx was caught being deceptive again.

By using Mick’s “aging” and “spinal disease” the egomaniacal Sixx did what he had to do to gain fans sympathy once he did finally confirm what TMD already reported nearly 2 weeks prior.

Drummer Carmine Appice in a recent interview stated that Mick is still in good enough health to play shows, so “age shaming” the guitarist is not necessary when trying to figure out what happened between Mars and the Crue. In the end, this has all blown up into a huge publicity nightmare for Sixx and the Crue, or what is left of the once great band.

***UPDATE 9/16/2023: Mick Mars launched a lawsuit against his former bandmates for “gaslighting” him and “ripping him off”. Mars contends that he was forced out of the band, and that everyone but himself used backing tapes at the band’s comeback concerts last year.

Fans will recall the deception the Crue used when covering up the “Vince Meal” incident when drummer Tommy Lee’s ribs were purportedly busted. If such an injury was known about well before the band’s comeback tour started, then why keep that information from fans? Well, the truth is Sixx knew at that time that due to the concerts having been postponed twice because of Covid-19 that he risked backlash from fans who would have legally been able to demand refunds at that time. So, he kept the injury to Lee, which supposedly stemmed from an altercation during final rehearsal between Neil and Lee, a total secret.

Fans who paid top dollar to see the original lineup those first handful of shows were totally shafted, once the band pulled out a replacement drummer without warning!

Next, believe it or not, when Tommy finally decided to play full shows again, he got caught fake playing his drums with a backing track.

Due to the lawsuit filed by Mars, Nikki Sixx is now forced to kill his long-held plan to oust vocalist Vince Neil since he has been exposed again for obvious deceptive actions. Will he ever be able to do what fans have been asking him to do all along and replace the struggling rotund singer once and for all?

Now the real dirt is being revealed by The Metal Den, the world’s leading Heavy Metal webzine.

The rumors of Mick Mars stepping down from MÖTLEY CRÜE proved true, as Mars left the band and his replacement, John 5 was announced for touring commitments in 2023!

Now another rumor, was Mick Mars fired by the band’s leader Nikki Sixx for Mars expressing his opinion about the band wanting to replace Vince Neil?

Mick Mars, the legendary guitar player of MÖTLEY CRÜE took a stand against Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee when he learned that they were seriously considering replacing vocalist Vince Neil after The Stadium Tour ended.

As the story goes, Mars told Sixx and Lee he would not tolerate the power move to oust Neil in such a way that would make the whole original lineup look bad. Mars felt that the original lineup owed it to the fans to play the overseas tour dates together in 2023, instead Sixx opted to give John 5 a call to set-up a double move that would shake up the lineup for good.

Subsequently, the double move would not happen so fast as CREED’s singer Scott Stapp turned down a full-time role in the Crue to reunite with his old band. However, word is that Stapp did help out in the studio to recreate Neil’s voice with AI technology.

Mick was essentially forced out in a power move by Sixx to try and gain total control.

The sad fact is that all of this happened without Mick getting to say goodbye to the fans properly from the stage during the last show of The Stadium Tour, and when he was confronted by Sixx and Lee about the vocalist change, Mick started to cry and according to an insider, told the two biggest knuckleheads in rock n roll: “You can’t have the Crue without Vince fronting it, man. He busted his tail to be out there.”

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