July 24, 2024

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MÖTLEY CRÜE Fans Want Vince Neil Replaced on Future Tours: “Vince is Lousy & A Total Disappointment” (UPDATED)

MÖTLEY CRÜE fans are mixed as to having John 5 as the band’s new guitarist after Mick Mars was ousted from the band he helped to create.

With this announcement, CRUE fans took to social media and requested the band to also announce a new singer, following fans complaining about Vince Neil’s ‘average to very bad performance’ every night on The Stadium Tour.

Here are some of the fans’ comments (via Metal Wani):

“They also need a new good singer”

“Tell you what. Seen the stadium tour in Edmonton Alberta. I’ve seen Crüe 6 times and Vince was a total disappointment.”

“Get a new singer”

“They should hire a singer too….”

“How bout a new singer too w real Pipes?”

“Now if they could only get a good vocalist”

“John 5 and Nikki are tight this is no surprise, but my complaint with this tour was Vince.. he needs to be replaced.”

Rumored names that could replace Neil, include John Corabi, Sebastian Bach, Marilyn Manson and brace yourselves, Scott Stapp.

Neil has battled alcoholism and binge eating disorder, which has led to his having to use a revolutionary fat burning technique, however, many fans notice that he was “regressing” at the end of the Crue’s big comeback, indicated by his poor singing and lack of enthusiasm, a comeback that ended up being cut short with the announcement of Mick Mars getting shown the door. Overseas fans lose out now on seeing the original lineup. This being said, they now want to see a fully improved Crue and are not showing any mercy toward Neil any longer.

In December of 2021, Neil was spotted ordering a $10,000 bottle of booze after purportedly ditching rehab. This was after appearing at “Drinksgiving event” that November, following his drunken fall off the stage at a solo gig. Fans don’t think he has taken care of himself after band management assured that he would be ready to perform at the highest level. At the same time, the Crue’s ex-limo driver claims in an interview that Neil is drinking himself to death.


***UPDATED 9/17/2023: Mick Mars launched a lawsuit against his former band mates, claiming he is being ripped off and that everyone in the band but himself used backing tapes on The Stadium Tour. Scott Stapp has turned down a full-time role with the Crue to reunite with Creed. Although, rumor has it the singer is secretly helping recreate Vince Neil‘s singing voice in the studio with AI technology.

Neil, Lee and Sixx have all not been caught by TMD via video footage posted online as being totally guilty of using backing tracks during concerts, including shows in 2023.