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POISON’s Bret Michaels Was Attacked By Vince Neil, For Cutting In Front Of Singer At Buffet Line

POISON cancelled last night’s appearance because Bret Michaels was hospitalized right before they were to take the stage.

There are mixed reports on what happened to him. Some said he had fallen which could be attributed to the “storms that passed thru between 3 and 5 o’clock.” Another claim is that he had a reaction to Covid related medication.

TMD was sent a tip this morning which actually might be the real legit reason for what happened to Bret, and is being covered up, just like the Crue covered up the real reason Tommy Lee got broken ribs.

Vince Neil is totally out of control, according to those who have been closest to him during the band’s over hyped comeback, such as the catering woman who purportedly witnessed Neil’s shocking attack on the nicest guy in rock music: Bret Michaels.

The SHOCKING reason for Tommy Lee’s broken ribs…

As the story goes, there was a buffet table set up prior to the concert so that all the musicians on the show’s bill can enjoy a meal before they hit the stage. The catering woman on the scene sent in a tip last night to TMD and here’s what she said:

“Vince got mad because Bret cut in front of him when they were all getting in line to get served their food, and just as Bret was getting his plate served, Vince called him out and said for Bret “to get in the back of the line where he belongs.”

“Vince thought he was being ignored at the dinner buffet line, and when he saw Bret get served before he was given any food on his plate, he went apeshit and punched Bret Michaels in his stomach.”

The Tennessean details the biggest trainwreck in rock music currently:

“The Stadium Tour was announced in 2019 and delayed for a full year — twice — due to the pandemic. Then, the headlining band’s drummer broke his ribs two weeks before showtime. And the setbacks kept coming as “The Stadium Tour” — a massive trek featuring ‘80s rock giants Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett — arrived at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium Thursday. After a thunderstorm pushed start time back an hour, members of Poison took the stage to announce they wouldn’t be performing, as front man Bret Michaels had just been taken to the hospital.”

Michaels posted on Instagram overnight with an apology and said an “unforeseen medical complication” led to his hospitalization. He did not elaborate on what happened.

“I was truly fired up to get on stage in the Music City and perform,” part of the post said. “I’m working on being back 100% very soon.” 

Sounds like a plan. Just make sure to let Vince Meal eat before anyone else and everything should be smooth sailing.