April 15, 2024

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HAIL THE HORNS – Release New Song, Announce West Coast Tour!

Newly formed metal trio HAIL THE HORNS, featuring Tony Campos, (bassist of Static-X & Fear Factory), Marc Rizzo, (guitarist of ill Nino & formerly Soufly), and Opus, (drummer of Dead By Wednesday), is releasing a blazing new original metal single “H.T.H.”, via Mindsnap Music, distributed by Von Artists, Ltd. (The Orchard) worldwide on all major platforms June 3rd, 2022. In addition, HAIL THE HORNS will be playing the West Coast on “Tour De Namm 2022!”

Pre-save “HTH” HERE

You can also listen and watch the lyric video for “H.T.H.” on YouTube HERE

“H.T.H.”, which are simply abbreviations for our self-titled track, is a nod and an “ode to” some of the classic heavy metal songs and bands that we grew up on that influenced us all. Tony who is singing leads on this track, took some song titles, words and lines from obvious metal songs and made them work writing them into song complete lyrics. Our idea was to have that same “metal militia” type vibe. I believe we accomplished that.” – says Opus (Drummer of Hail the Horns).

This song “HAIL THE HORNS” was produced, mixed & mastered by Nicky Bellmore, who has also done the likes of Dee Snider (and also plays drums for his solo band as well), Corpse Grinder, Jasta/Hatebreed, Dead By Wednesday, Generation Kill, Toxic Holocaust, and many more!