June 21, 2024

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INVICTA HEIGHTS – Release Debut EP “Convalescence”

Canada’s INVICTA HEIGHTS is a curious blend of southern metal and metalcore, scratching itches you didn’t even know you had. They are releasing their debut EP “Convalescence” today and at the same time, lyric videos for each of the four tracks “Bad Habit”, “Creature”, “Anxious” and “Crooked Table”. The record is a whirlwind of emotions, with lyrics focusing on mental health, personal struggles, and addiction. These intense topics are complemented with equally tense music, from the fast-paced “Anxious” to the heavy, southern riffs on “Creature”. The band details the particulars of their introductory EP:

“We wanted this EP to reflect the lowlights of our life as well as our ability to rise above all of them. During the development of “Convalescence” we really found out what haunted us most and we hope our lyrics resonate with our listeners. There’s nothing else we would ever want more than to travel the world while spreading our messages that we know people can relate to. This is our opportunity to connect with people and show them that the struggles they go through in their lives are the exact same as everybody else’s and never alone.”

Invicta Heights boasts impressive storytelling abilities and honed musical talent, and listeners will have their melodic atmosphere, hard-hitting one-liners, and dashes of southern riffage on repeat. “Convalescence” contains both stressful riffs and angsty lyrics, conspiring with one another giving the listener no choice but to thrash their head and trash their apartment.

The band rose from the ashes of a smoldering dumpster fire of a previous band, wiping the slate clean was the only option in order to create something beautiful. Now with vocalist Jacob McGregor and guitarist/vocalist Troy Klassen manning the helm, they are able to culminate a dream that they are turning into a reality.

Loud, wild, and downright underrated, Invicta Heights brings aggressive riffs, and relatable lyrics to ears and is strongly recommended for fans of Beartooth, Everytime I Die, and Norma Jean.

“Convalescence” and the accompanying videos are being released on April 20, 2022.

EP stream and download available on all digital platforms – https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/invictaheights/convalescence

Bad Habit (lyric video) – https://youtu.be/CaIvmjZsoSU

Creature (song stream) – https://youtu.be/uZEHIRN8iEA

Anxious (song stream) –https://youtu.be/O6AM4gOnza0

Crooked Table (song stream) – https://youtu.be/Z9WpXgF_1pk

Track Listing:
1. Bad Habit (3:12)
2. Creature (2:46)
3. Anxious (4:02)
4. Crooked Table (3:28)
EP Length: 13:28

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