July 12, 2024

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Ozzy Had Vince Neil Placed On 24 Hour Suicide Watch, Pleaded To Rehab Clinic: “My friend needs help!”

The Prince of Darkness is being hailed as a hero for stepping in to help save the life of troubled MÖTLEY CRÜE singer, Vince Neil, 60, who recently completed one month of rehab treatment in Austin, Texas, at the same facility that Ozzy Osbourne‘s daughter, Kelly Osbourne, completed her own treatment also. The news was broke to the world by TMD, and now new details emerge in the miraculous story of true friendship and one man’s battle to stay alive, despite demons trying to steal his soul. News outlets all around the world, from India to Hungary, Puerto Rico, America and more, published the report, exposing millions of Crue fans to the ugly side of rock n roll music. It’s now safe to say that this is the biggest rock music story of 2021!

“… the legendary frontman of Mötley Crüe, Vince Neil, has been undergoing treatment. He is an inimitable singer in the iconic glam-rock band of the eighties and in mid-October he fell off the stage during a concert… many might have thought at the time that more serious things than a simple awkwardness were lurking in the background.”

News TVS 24.com

It’s said that Ozzy was so worried that Vince Neil was going to kill himself that he begged and pleaded for the rehab clinic to place the singer on ’24 hour suicide watch’.

“My friend needs help!” – Ozzy

Vince has been struggling with alcoholism issues for a long time, stemming from a horrific car accident he was involved in back in 1984, where he was found to be driving drunk. The crash killed his passenger, Razzle, who was the drummer of HANOI ROCKS. Escaping without major injuries or a lengthy prison sentence, Neil managed to move on with his life and the Crue became one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

Neil was arrested again for drunk driving in 2010.

Ex-Crue limo driver, Al Bowman, claimed in a new interview that Vince is currently drinking himself to death. Crue’s drummer Tommy Lee was put through a similar intervention himself for one month, so let’s hope this treatment is going to help.


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“The Stadium Tour”, which has been twice postponed, is scheduled for summer/2022.