MÖTLEY CRÜE – Mick Mars Gave Vince Neil Ultimatum: “Stop Drinking Or John Corabi Is Going To Be Crue’s Singer In 2023!” (UPDATED)

MÖTLEY CRÜE – Mick Mars Gave Vince Neil Ultimatum: “Stop Drinking Or John Corabi Is Going To Be Crue’s Singer In 2023!” (UPDATED)

Legendary MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist, Mick Mars, has purportedly seen enough of the train wreck that is Vince Neil. The six-string icon is sick and tired of Vince and his “drunken” antics. The word coming out of the Crue’s camp is that Mick actually issued his own ultimatum to Neil, demanding that the singer seek professional help for his alcoholism or that the band will be forced to fire him again and bring back the group’s only other singer in 2023.

The sad reality is that this is the same exact situation that happened before when the Crue fired Vince in 1992 and hired the mostly unknown at the time John Corabi. Vince was more into race car driving and drinking heavily. He did not even care to show up to most band practices.

***UPDATE 9/24/2023: Mick Mars filed a lawsuit against his former band mates, insisting that he is being “ripped off” of his fair share of The Stadium Tour profits, and all the other members of the band excluding himself, were guilty of using backing tracks at all of the Crue’s comeback gigs. It was John Corabi all along who said that he did not believe Sixx and claimed that Mars was “shown the door” due to standing up about the group’s BS antics, and Sixx desperately tried all he could to cover it up with lies.

TMD broke the story that stated secret jam rehearsals were being held with Mars, Corabi and other musicians without anyone else’s knowledge. It is being said the Crue had been developing a contingent plan while Vince continued his shocking decline. They wanted to hire Scott Stapp, but he reportedly turned them down for a full-time role reuniting with CREED. Although, Stapp is said to have helped to recreate Neil’s lost voice with AI technology for the glam metal band’s forthcoming new studio album.

The fear now is that with all the stress of the lawsuit and ugly band “dirt” being leaked out to the fans, his handlers feel Vince is sinking deeper into depression and has begun escalating his drinking to another level. Unfortunately, the original Crue vocalist soon looks to be on the outside looking in, unless he can get his act straight.

On the outside chance, Mars scores a legal upset, he could gain majority shareholder status of the group and fire everyone, essentially starting a new version of the Crue.

Former Crue limo driver, Al Bowman, went on the record about Vince Neil’s life-threatening battle against the bottle, and he claimed during a recent interview that Vince is drinking himself to death.

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s “The Stadium Tour” will return to North America in 2024.