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Marilyn Manson – Turns Himself Into Police For Alleged Assault

Marilyn Manson has reportedly reached an agreement to turn himself in to police in connection with an outstanding warrant for allegedly spitting on a videographer during a concert in New Hampshire.

According to the Boston Globe, Manson will report to the Los Angeles Police Department for booking and processing prior to receiving a court date in New Hampshire.

In an email to the Globe, Police Chief Anthony J. Bean Burpee said, “What this all means for us is that… it has forced Mr. Warner to finally address his outstanding NH warrant, which will, in turn, allow the victim of the crime to have her say/day in Court in order to hopefully hold Mr. Warner accountable for his actions.”

The incident took place in August 2019 when Manson purportedly spit on a concert videographer, who subsequently contacted police. The incident was officially labeled “unprivileged physical contact” and police issued a warrant to arrest Manson on two counts of misdemeanor simple assault.

If convicted, Manson could face up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine.