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BLACK SABBATH – Track “Slapback” Surfaces Online

Audio of what appears to be a previously unreleased BLACK SABBATH track by the name of “Slapback” has recently surfaced online. This rehearsal version of the Ronnie James Dio-era track was recently shared by the Geoff Nicholls estate. Nicholls handled the keyboards, bass, etc. duties in the band from 1979 to 2004.

Check it out at the following link:

The following info was shared in the description of the track:

“This latest upload from the Geoff Nicholls estate I believe is called Slapback from the scrawling on the cassette and the chorus. This is from the same cassette as the Heaven & Hell upload on this channel. It doesn’t sound like a typical Sabbath song if it is them but it does sound like Ronnie James Dio. It must be a cover, any clues?