July 24, 2024

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Jill Marie Abbott – Who Killed Her?

Legendary rock journalist, Randy “Rocket” Cody, has posted a shocking new report at his personal site, detailing his findings in the ongoing independent murder investigation for the late Jill Marie Abbott, former girlfriend of PANTERA vocalist Phil Anselmo. Read the full story HERE.

Check out an excerpt from Rocket’s dissertation below.

The nude body of Jill Marie Abbott, 40, the former girlfriend of legendary PANTERA vocalist Phil Anselmo, was found on a California hiking trail a decade ago around the Christmas holiday. News of her death shocked the metal music community. Jill was also formerly linked to MOTLEY CRUE guitarist Mick Mars. Everyone I spoke to during my extensive independent investigation spoke nothing but kind words about her. I have compiled a large case file that includes many different character interviews of people who were close to Jill, including one of her most recent boyfriend’s, who will remain anonymous for his own safety.

A CBS local affiliate in San Francisco covered the story on Dec 27, 2010:

A woman who was found dead in the Oakland hills on Friday was identified today as 40-year-old Jill Marie Abbott, of Richmond, Oakland police spokeswoman Officer Holly Joshi said.

Abbott’s nude body was spotted at the entrance to a bike trail in the 15000 block of Skyline Boulevard, about 50 feet east of Keller Avenue, at about 8:20 a.m. Friday by a resident who was driving by, police said.

The cause of her death hasn’t yet been determined, police said.

Sgt. Jim Rullamas said that because Abbott was found nude, investigators believe she died elsewhere and was brought to the site in the hills.