Rocket Interviewed On FM Rock Radio

Legendary rock journalist, Randy “Rocket” Cody, was interviewed on Atlanta, Georgia’s FM Rock Radio station 99.1 WQEE today. Host Ryan O Neal discusses Rocket’s Kurt Cobain murder conspiracy theory! Check it out down below.

“Here is the link to the audio for my new interview on FM Rock Radio station 99.1 WQEE in Atlanta. Host Ryan O Neal and I discuss my Kurt Cobain murder conspiracy theory!! Can you handle the TRUTH? Probably not.” – Rocket

Listen to “RyanORadio – RNS Mornings with Ryan O Neal” on Spreaker.

THE METAL DEN ( is an online webzine that promotes hard rock and heavy metal music, offering regularly updated news content, interviews, CD/DVD reviews, remixes/mashups, and investigative reports. THE METAL DEN, also referred to commonly as “TMD”, enjoys readers in over 100 countries around the world. TMD’s owner and editor, Randy “Rocket” Cody, launched the webzine initially in February of 2005 via Myspace, while writing for leading heavy metal site The next year in 2006, Cody partnered with Eddie Karam of Florida based THE EDGE FACTORY, to officially launch the website for THE METAL DEN.

UNDISPUTED Kings of Heavy Metal: Rocket and

Cody’s also well known for posting successful hoax articles, like the one that fooled the United Kingdom site Metro in 2017 by sending a fake press release that claimed Lady Gaga was going to collaborate with METALLICA and sing on their next album to be released in 2019. The fake article was titled “Metallica ‘set to record album with Lady Gaga for release in 2019’.”

However, without a doubt, Cody is most well known for his work investigating the deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. He posted over 400 long format reports between 2017 and 2018, reaching over an estimated one billion online readers in that time due to his work being published at many major mainstream news sites, including the Detroit News in the USA, one of the top 10 most read newspapers in the United States. Cody was interviewed about the late SOUNDGARDEN frontman’s purported suicide by hanging, and a subsequent Detroit News newspaper article was circulated to the public next which featured Cody. The article was titled ‘Chris Cornell Death Probe Leaves Some Unsatisfied’, and the news story next exploded into a viral sensation when LINKIN PARK vocalist, Chester Bennington, was found hanging on Chris Cornell’s birthday two months later in 2017. Cody’s work was immediately deemed a hoax by the Inquisitr news site by way of a piece titled “For Some Reason, People Believe Chester Bennington And Chris Cornell Were Murdered By A Pedophile Ring.”

The World’s Most Dangerous Journalist: Randy “Rocket” Cody AKA “The Rocket”

Rocket has now expanded his internet media empire by launching in May of 2020, and he is already being considered a worldwide phenom with millions of impressions racked up on Twitter in the past couple months alone. Widely considered a “Living Legend,” Mr. Cody continues to entertain the masses with his out of this world crazy antics and straight up greatness. What will he do next? - Webcam Models Wanted!