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TMD Rocks!

It seems that Rachel Bolan had an influx of e-mails and phone calls asking about this so like a whiny bitch he wanted to smash any rumor asap.

As always Eddie Trunk is a fence sitter and soft as his mid section. Sucking Baz's balls and touting reunion talk while Baz is on the show, and 2 days later his headline reads "NO Skid Row reunion!"

Read Eddie's comments from the show with Sebastian Bach & Rob Affuso HERE.

19-Jun-08There is NO Skid Row reunion!

Just want to clarify something from a previous blog post and what went on during the Sebastian Bach and Rob Affuso interviews on XM last week. There is NO reunion of the original Skid Row and NO plans for one!

Doing the type of radio show I do each week we talk about all sorts of things and the program takes twists and turns I don't even expect. I pride myself on doing a real, open, honest show and giving everyone space to express their views and opinions uncensored and without judgement (that includes my own as well!). It's what I think makes my show different than just being an Ipod for music. Talk, interview, stories, speculation and opinion are all a big part of it as well as the music.

It was not my intention last Monday on XM to mislead anyone into thinking there is a Skid Row reunion in the works or fuel a rumour. But people end up hearing what they want to hear and things get way blown out of proportion. I'm flattered that so many people listen to the radio shows and read this site, but so many times things get twisted.

I understand having two former members of Skid Row on one show (Rob's call was not planned, he was listening) would lead people to believe something was up, but the truth is it's not. As I said, I am a fan and huge supporter of the current lineup and music of Skid Row and what Bas does solo. That being said I admit that like many I would love to see the original band one last time.

Rachel Bolan contacted me a couple times in the last few days to explain that since this discussion took place his phone and email has been blowing up with people thinking there is a reunion. Rach, like all the past and present members of the band, is a good friend, so it's unfortunate this took on a life of it's own. This was just a discussion on air about the growing legacy of Skid Row's early music and how reunions are all the rage.

It was not unlike any discussion we have every week with all sorts of guests but this one took on a life of it's own. Just wanted to clear up any confusion.

Rachel also added that the perception that he is the only obstacle in any potential reunion at any point is not entirely accurate. He shared with me that the band just recently played shows in Indonesia and is working on a new DVD, and will be doing live shows all Summer. Bas of course is supporting his new solo CD and will be touring with Poison all Summer. See you at the shows!

Sebastian's comments that Rachel in fact "hates him" have been heavily rumored as being accurate by many on the inside of both camps.

Sad that even after so many years have passed there seems to be a bitterness that will forever ruin any shot at the band playing together again. Fans of the band are discussing HERE how they feel about it.

Maybe if Solinger goes full country, Skid Row can follow suit with LA Guns and start auditioning singers again for their 4th frontman. Hey Rachel, Jizzy Pearl is available since Ratt pulled their heads out of their asses.