July 24, 2024

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KVELERTAK – New Live Video Premiere

KVELERTAK have released a live video for their track “Bråtebrann“. The footage is culled from a livestreamed quarantined performance from the band which they dubbed ‘Live From Your Living Room’. That set saw the band take the stage at the empty venue Artilleriverkstedet in Horten, Norway on April 10th, 2020. If you enjoy what you see above, you can pay to watch the full thing here.

“A versatile Norwegian heavy metal outfit, Kvelertak’s Valhalla party anthems draw as heavily from sources like punk, NWOBHM, hardcore, and classic rock as they do traditional, larynx-shredding Scandinavian black metal. Emerging in 2010 with their acclaimed eponymous debut, the band wasted little time in taking over the airwaves of their homeland. After securing multiple Spellemannprises (the Norwegian equivalent of a Grammy Award), Kvelertak set their sights elsewhere, with 2013’s Meir, 2016’s Nattesferd and 2020’s Splid finding favor with European and American audiences as well.”