June 19, 2024

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Rock And Roll Death Brigade Podcast #5: Christian Palin

Rock And Roll Death Brigade Podcast #5, Christian Palin of RANDOM EYES Brings Hope To The World. This week’s episode features music by RANDOM EYES, BEOWULF, PANTERA, BLACK SABBATH, OZZY and more!!

Check it out by hitting the link: https://anchor.fm/rockandrolldeathbrigade/episodes/Rock-And-Roll-Death-Brigade-Podcast-5–Christian-Palin-of-RANDOM-EYES-Brings-Hope-To-The-World-edj1tq

Rock And Roll Death Brigade Podcast is a weekly one hour podcast devoted to Heavy Metal music, conspiracy theories, comedy and much more!!

“The origin of the Finnish hard rock band Random Eyes dates back to 1999 when guitarist Timo Kuusjarvie formed a friendship with vocalist Christian Palin while both were serving in the Finnish army.  After the two crossed paths again in 2002, Palin met vocalist Katja Rimpelainen and presented the idea to her of singing alongside him in a metal band. Upon acquiring guitarist Mikko Tuliniemi (Hallowed), drummer Timo Peltokangas (also Hallowed) and bassist Jukko Koponen, the band officially assumed the name Random Eyes. The five piece unit proceeded to take first place in a nationwide battle of the bands contest in the spring of 2002. With the momentum of the victory behind it, Random Eyes finalized its line up with the addition of guitarist Samual Hoisko (Hallowed) and a new bassist in Timo Maki-Marttunen before entering the studio later the same year to record its full length debut Eyes Ablaze.” – Angelic Warlord