June 22, 2024

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RANDOM EYES – Vocalist Brings Hope To The World

RANDOM EYES & PANORAMA vocalist, Christian Palin, has issued a new update, and he is looking for your support.

“I am on a mission to bring hope and light to a world caught in disarray and chaos. We live in a special time that requieres special attitude. With my music I strive to empower and build up the spirit of the broken. Now you have a chance to join me and get in the action to advance the light
and defend the right.” C.P.

Visit the RANDOM EYES Patreon page to help make a difference HERE.

“By becoming a Patreon you will get exclusive access to new material, behind the scenes stories, opportunity to live chat with the band, and ask your questions, pro tips on making music, and bringing positivity to your environment.”

Check out the latest music video released by RANDOM EYES for the song “Divide Et Impera” down below.

RANDOM EYES was formed by Christian Palin (Panorama, ex Adagio) in 2001, when Christian began writing material and laying down the foundation for the band.

RANDOM EYES released their debut album ‘Eyes Ablaze’ in 2003, featuring some gothic metal influences. RANDOM EYES second album ‘Invisible’ was released in 2008. The third album ‘Light Up’ was released in 2011 and produced by Tero Kinnunen (Nightwish). RANDOM EYES‘ direction has changed over the past years, and is going now in a more trendy, riff-oriented sound.

Visit RANDOM EYES profile on Facebook HERE.