July 24, 2024

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CHRIS CORNELL, Pedogate & The Wicked Witch Of Grunge

“I’m afraid of my wife.” – Chris Cornell

CHRIS CORNELL, Pedogate & The Wicked Witch Of Grunge, Part 1

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

In my opinion, Chris Cornell was a marked man the night he performed his rock n roll magic for the last time on May 17th, 2017. Cornell, 52, was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the legendary grunge rock act, SOUNDGARDEN, who on that evening jammed for a sold out crowd of five thousand people at Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan.

Chris Cornell, still youthful and energetic looking, thanks to his toned physique, was sporting a fresh head wound, directly on the scalp. He showed no signs of a drug relapse, according to witnesses. While he managed to get through the set without any major mistakes, he was not happy with the sound of his band on this night and appeared at times to be somewhat upset about things in between songs.

One hour after the concert , a nightmarish turn of events spun everything upside down and next Chris Cornell would be found dead in his hotel room number eleven thirty six.

After conducting a thirty six month long independent death investigation, it is my determination that the all time greatest rock music vocalist was murdered for damning information he uncovered connected to a “black book” owned by late billionaire pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

I will be exposing the “swordfish” computer file that purportedly ended up in Mr. Cornell’s possession right before he died, that contained several damning items beyond Epstein’s “black book”, connecting the Illuminati to a truly sinister agenda.

It all ties back to a Rockefeller Resort in the Caribbean that Laurance Rockefeller founded and Queen Elizabeth herself visited in 1966.

According to MSN reporter, Klara Glowczewska, this piece of paradise has recently been restored to its “rustic glory.”

“There have never been many hotels in the world that you could say were decades ahead of their time; cutting-edginess is not an imperative in the hospitality business. But as the catamaran that picked me up from Tortola, where commercial flights to the British Virgin Islands land, approached Virgin Gorda’s Little Dix Bay and its eponymous resort (it’s quite the mood setter: a half-mile crescent of palm-fringed white sand), I thought of its founder, ­Laurance Rockefeller.”

The sick truth is that what the late Rockefeller had been involved in will not only make your stomach turn, it will straight up make Orgy Island look like Romper Room.

Rockefeller nicknamed the spot “Wilderness Beach.”

It was his vision of “natural harmony and balance while offering an escape from the ordinary.”

Another truther’s digging into the matter, helps bring things into sharper focus:

“In the 1990s President Bill Clinton and his Chief of Staff, John Podesta, at the instigation of Laurance Rockefeller, were key players in pushing the so called “UFO Disclosure” agenda. Steven Greer‘s disinformative Disclosure Project was one of several leading players in this effort. Edgar Mitchell, who happens to feature prominently in Podesta’s leaked emails, was another.”

Laurance Rockefeller, without a doubt, was the kingpin of human genocide:

“For instance, as eugenics (“racial hygiene”) advanced along with genetics, beginning in the early 1900s at Rockefeller University, Laurance S. Rockefeller, the director of the Community Blood Council of Greater New York, advanced the American Red Cross and the international blood banking industry. John D. Rockefeller originally funded Clara Barton, who pioneered the Red Cross, and branded the organization with the Templar/Maltese Knights symbol–the Rose Croix. The Rockefellers also funded Nazi eugenics at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute under the swastika, another occult symbol. Laurance Rockefeller presided over the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, chaired the board of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and was a trustee for the Sloan Foundation. The Sloan Cancer logo, a thrice broken arrow, depicts the bow and broken arrow of Sagittarius. This symbolizes war, male power, swiftness of disease, and death.”

– TetraHedron site

In this special three part report, I will effectively connect the dots for readers on how a loving wife, who I believe played a major role in the demise of her famous husband, helped to cover up the most infamous pedophile criminal empire that’s ever existed. The scandal known as PEDOGATE undoubtedly reaches all the way to the Vatican and the Royal family, along with many other powerful elite all around earth.

Although Laurance Rockefeller certainly played a big role in human atrocities going back a half century , it is Michael Aquino, who I officially named to be the true identity of The Zodiac Killer, that “reorganized America’s propaganda operations for US military intelligence in the spirit of satanism and his Church of Set.”

Max Spiers

Aquino himself is believed to be directly responsible for the murder of late truther, Max Spiers, who was found dead on my birthday, July 16th in 2016. Max was trying to expose “an occult based pedophile ring within the U.S. military.”

I provided forensic evidence that points to Mr. Cornell being dosed, along with suffering a brutally savage beating before and after arriving in Detroit for his last concert. I also proved that several different high powered celebrities allegedly named as members of the ‘inner circle’ of Epstein’s pedophile empire, specifically Courtney Love and Bill Clinton, turned out to be the death nail for our rock hero.

My reporting tied MOSSAD agents Martin Kirsten & the late Jeffrey Epstein to a Vatican/Washington DC backed elite international human trafficking ring.

Is it just a coincidence that Miss Love showed up to Chris Cornell‘s funeral after he purportedly comitted “suicide” just like her late husband, Kurt Cobain of the band NIRVANA did 23 years earlier?

There is no denying that these two rockers are ironically forever linked by their own wives strange behavior that the public witnessed at the time of their deaths.

I myself was personally interviewed by the Detroit News for both their print newspaper and online versions that reaches millions of readers. Crime news reporter, George Hunter, called me up one day and we had a very peculiar phone conversation together. Something in my gut told me that George and I weren’t going to become best friends any time soon. At this time, I reached a peak of 333,000 daily Twitter impressions for my posts covering the sensational scandal, just on my personal account alone. That is only a fraction of the global views I was getting, which reached into the hundreds of millions, due to my close involvement in the story and dozens of national and international news outlets subsequently publishing my groundbreaking reporting.

Hunter, a rabid Detroit Tigers baseball fan, seemed to be more interested in his passion for America’s favorite past time then geting to the bottom of this extremely complicated matter – and frankly, that concerned me right out of the gate once I started working on the case.

In fact, I was scheduled to do a second interview after Chris’ friend, Chester Bennington, singer of LINKIN PARK band was found hanging in his bedroom on Chris’ birthday in 2017. The fact is managing editor of the Detroit News, Gary Miles, backed out of conducting a second interview with me, claiming the next day we spoke that George Hunter went on vacation. It all seemed highly suspicious to me, and so this is what got the ball rolling, in terms of whether or not I felt that maybe there was something bigger going on that the Detroit News was trying to cover up.

My investigation has uncovered direct ties between Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell, Richard Branson, the Clinton’s, Orgy Island plus other very disturbing details related to #Snuff films and murdering abducted boys and girls.

I learned there is a freemason backed Shriners secret sub-group, the Royal Order of Jesters. A list of Jesters got exposed for crimes against kids, and oddly enough Bennington is named, which is London in origin, connecting to the Royals. This secret police-driven sex slavery and snuff ring is also tied to the infamous unsolved case of The Black Dahlia Murder, which I investigated and brought forth a new prime suspect named Man Ray, who it turns out was allowed to flee the USA back to France without any questioning by LAPD, due to another “black book” that belonged to murder victim, Elizabeth Short.

Despite others trying to get LAPD to release this evidence to the public via the Freedom Of Information Act, the police will not allow any journalists to see Short’s “black book.”

I revealed in my work that Short was being used as a lure to get kids off playgrounds for the ring, that was connected to major Hollywood players like John Huston.

This 3 part deep dive will offer a clearer understanding as to why Washington DC powerhouse, John Podesta, has remained a name at the top of my “most wanted list.”

Like the dreaded “Figure In Black” of the CIA’s Finders Operation, Podesta’s connection to Chester Bennington via his SE4ALL energy initiative wherein LINKIN PARK band was used to push its message via their own social site platforms, connected the lifelong victim of sexual abuse to the Washington insider, and eerily mimics the alleged relationship that retired Army Lt. Col Michael Aquino, founder of the Temple of Set, is said to have had with little kids while stationed at the Presidio in the early eighties. Aquino was a onetime Vietnam commando turned serial killer, paid by Uncle Sam to slaughter for Satan.

“Human trafficking still exists… slavery exists in many different forms. It’s in every big city.”

– Chris Cornell July/2016

It has been my theory all along that Chester was suicided by his handlers before he could attempt to expose the truth about the elite child trafficking ring his biological father “Skippy” was involved with for many years. Just like his good friend, Chris Cornell, I feel Chester was in way too deep over his head with the info he learned at the very end, and this marked him for death just like Chris.

“They could easily grab kids in places like Haiti and tell them they are going to camp. Only to be hunted by these psychopaths. And nobody would know or care if they were dead or alive.” – Censored Pizzagate

Tetrahedron site takes us further down the rabbit hole:

“…new evidence proves Michael Aquino’s (Church of Set) expertise is being applied in current military applications of “psychotronic warfare.” This war method features specific frequencies of music for optimal population manipulation, stress induction, generating emotional depression, and general dis-ease promotion. An article on this subject was recently published by Horowitz in Medical Veritas journal that indicts the Rockefeller Foundation for institutionalizing musical instrument tuning to A=440Hz in an effort to inflict physical, psycho-emotional, and social damage including “mass hysteria.” The counter-intelligence operative’s note to apply “dissociative” (i.e., mind-numbing) programming in their media messaging is consistent with occult hypnotic trance induction and indoctrination methods. Their general theology features atheism, self-judgment, and above-the-law racist reasoning inciting terrorism. This too reflects the Church of Satan, (Church of Set) philosophy. This thinking is used to rationalize criminal PSYOPs, psychotronic operations, gross treason, and downright genocide impacting We The People busting the CIA/FBI/Wiki-Pedophilia PSYOPs. Wikipedia has edited nearly all negative discussion about Michael A. Aquino’s Temple of Set. Aquino’s biography is completely whitewashed despite mountains of indictments against him and his associates littering the Internet.”

“Skippy” is good pals with James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong.

I tied LINKIN PARK to Mr. Podesta via SE4ALL global initiative, wherein he used the band’s Facebook profile to promote the agenda he was behind. This was all made available in the Podesta Wikileaks emails.

Are Stolen Kids Being Sold To Cannibal Hunters Who Feed The Remains To Pigs?

Mr. Podesta owns a pig farm in California near the Bohemian Grove, and I discovered some very scary items of evidence that points to children being held captive on his property via old World War 2 huts (seen in the picture above) that once were used for prisoners of war.

His buddy, James Alefantis, owner of Comet Pizza, is said to hold special clearance for exporting material labeled “artwork” out of the country to whatever destination he pleases.

Chester Bennington allegedly had knowledge of the Clinton Foundation’s crimes against humanity that went down in Haiti. His band was given a large grant by them to open the SRS recycling center. One of the Clinton’s pals, Laura Silsby, got busted attempting to smuggle out 33 kids.

Believe it or not, Silsby did no serious prison time, and wound up working for the company that puts out Amber Alerts, which is a public notification system used to issue warnings for children who go missing or get kidnapped.

“Children should always feel like the adults are living in this world to nurture them, to take care of them, to protect them from any bad thing that might come.”

– Chris Cornell