April 15, 2024

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THE AGONIST – Working On New Material

Despite the fact that they have not completed the touring cycle for their September 2019 release “Orphans“, THE AGONIST have confirmed that they have been spending their quarantine downtime working on new material. The band comments:

“WE ARE WRITING NEW MUSIC. All this time spent at home means that are way ahead in the creative process! The touring cycle of Orphans is not yet over, so we’re committed to staying busy. Metal will never die!”

The band were forced to their spring North American touring with Fleshgod Apocalypse amid COVID-19 concerns.

“Emerging out of the late-2000s metallic deathcore scene, Montreal, Canada’s the Agonist enjoyed international success with albums like 2009’s Lullabies for the Dormant Mind and 2012’s Prisoners, which established their mix of ambitious melodic progressive metal, complex guitar work, and the powerful clean/growled style of original frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz. Following her 2014 departure, vocalist Vicky Psarakis ably stepped in with a similarly impressive range and the Agonist continued their reign with well-received releases like 2015’s Eye of Providence and 2019’s Orphans.” – All Music