July 24, 2024

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WARBRINGER – Premiere “Firepower Kills” Video

Warbringer‘s new album “Weapons Of Tomorrow” is slated to arrive on April 24th via Napalm Records. In celebration of the record’s announcement, the band have unleashed a music video for the remastered/final album mix album of their latest single, “Firepower Kills“. Frontman John Kevill commented:

“‘Weapons Of Tomorrow‘ contains two tracks you’ve previously heard, ‘Firepower Kills‘ and ‘Power Unsurpassed‘, which now appear on the record in new and improved form. ‘Firepower Kills‘ is about advancing weapons technology. Modern science is an enormously powerful tool, and the human species must be very cautious about its use.

This song looks at the last 100 years of scientific advances in weaponry and asks, ‘where does this lead?’ Musically, it’s a total thrashing burner, and the main riff ‘evolves’ throughout the song like the weaponry in the lyrics.”

He also addressed the lyrical content:

“I put a lot of thought and detail into the lyrical content of this album. There’s often a ‘storytelling’ component, in which the song’s lyrics develop or turn along with the music and structure of the song. All in all, ‘Weapons of Tomorrow‘ contains elements of our previous album, ‘Woe to the Vanquished‘, but takes them further and in new and exciting directions.”

He further stated of the album:

“While containing speed-driven burners like ‘Firepower Kills‘ and ‘Unraveling‘ and crushing stomps like ‘The Black Hand Reaches Out‘ and ‘Crushed Beneath the Tracks,’ ‘Weapons Of Tomorrow‘ goes really big on the epic tracks, containing not one but four. Each has its own character.

The forlorn and semi-ballad ‘Defiance of Fate‘ breaks serious musical ground for us and is like no song in our catalogue. ‘Heart of Darkness‘ and ‘Notre Dame (King of Fools)‘ offer different takes on a dark, black metal-oriented sound, and ‘Glorious End‘ is a tragic war epic with a unique lyrical component.”

The band worked with producer Mike Plotnikoff (In Flames, Fear Factory) on the album and had Zack Ohren (Machine Head, Suffocation) mix it. Pre-orders for it are available here with it due to run as follows:

01 – “Firepower Kills
02 – “The Black Hand Reaches Out
03 – “Crushed Beneath The Tracks
04 – “Defiance Of Fate
05 – “Unraveling
06 – “Heart Of Darkness
07 – “Power Unsurpassed
08 – “Outer Reaches
09 – “Notre Dame (King Of Fools)
10 – “Glorious End