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Brutal Assault is slated to take place in August, and the festival is still adding bands to its line-up. The latest addition includes the following bands: Baest, Birds In Row, Brutus, Gatecreeper, God Mother, Lost Society, Vitriol, Vola and Wolves In The Throne Room.

Brutal Assault receives vast amounts of accreditation requests each year and it’s simply not possible to grant them all. The same goes for photo passes, the photo pit has its limits. After we approve requests from our long-term media partners, we will start to sort all the other requests, starting with the bigger outlets. The most creative and supportive media of the smaller size have the best chance to get some of the remaining passes we have available.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us via email at [email protected], if want to send a request for Brutal Assault accreditation, fill in the form on

The deadline for sending of your requests is 5th July 2020. After this date, we will not accept any further requests. You will be informed about confirmation or rejection of your accreditation request by 12th July 2020 via email.

Please note that the promoters reserve the right to decline any accreditation due to not meeting the deadline, required criteria or in case of sending multiple requests without any further explanation. Don’t hold a grudge against us if your press request is not approved this year. If you start well ahead and show some creativity and continual support during the whole-year campaign, your chances for the press pass next year rise considerably.


– You don’t have to publish our PR articles word for word – especially since we publish only ENG/CZ articles. Be creative, don’t just re-post!

– We require substantial audience; a reasonable following is a must, do not send requests if you have just a small circle of readers/viewers/listeners, or if you run just a small personal blog or if you are an instagram photographer etc.

– As official editor in chief, use email with your media’s domain if possible. If there are more requests from the same media (company), all should use one contact email only

– We require continual support from your media to grant the press pass, at least 10 articles published during the whole year (news, press releases, flyers, banners, trailers etc.) via your media and/or socials profiles. Short term support is not interesting for us, we want to cultivate a long-term relationship, get in touch way in advance! ([email protected])

– If your request was granted a pass for the previous edition, we require one reportage/article covering it to grant further passes

– The accredited media agrees to provide all their outputs about the festival (after publishing) to the BA team ([email protected]), materials should be submitted before 30th October 2019