June 18, 2024

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STEEL PANTHER – Cover “Looks That Kill” (Audio)


A live concert audio clip featuring STEEL PANTHER performing Mötley Crüe‘s classic song, “Looks That Kill,” has been uploaded and the listener will be simply astonished at how spot on vocalist Michael Starr is when hitting the high notes. It’s like stepping back in time!

Rumors have begun to swirl that Michael Starr is potentially going to replace an obese and physically incapable, Vince Neil, for a mega arena comeback tour in 2020 that will have Crue fans no doubt scratching their heads because it’s not exactly a proper comeback without the Crue’s original vocalist, who it’s said is currently hiding out at a “Fat Farm” in the UK.

Word going around is that unless Vince can shed a lot of weight in a short period of time the new 2020 concert contract he and the boys allegedly signed off on recently becomes null and void, unless they bring in a suitable replacement singer for those gigs. No singer at all means they will each lose out on millions and risk upsetting their loyal fan base. But if they can bring in a stellar replacement who does the shows so well that some fans do not even realize that Vince is not singing, well then… you just pulled off the boldest damn move in rock n roll history!