June 22, 2024

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DECAPITATED – Ex-Singer Scores New Wheelchair!

Metal fans are the best. There is no dispute.

The recent crowdfunding campaign launched to purchase a more modern wheelchair for ex-DECAPITATED vocalist Adrian “Covan” Kowanek was a success, and Covan now has some new wheels.

Spearheaded by Decapitated in addition to other members of the metal community, the fundraising effort netted more than $14,000. Details and photographs can be found below.

Kowanek has been disabled since the 2007 tour bus crash that left him severly injured and ultimately claimed the life of drummer Witold “Vitek” Kieltyka.

Adrian Kowanek (Wspieramy Covana) has received his new wheelchair and he is now having his first proper quality time in Krakow square market thanks to your help! Me, Leszek, his mom Ewa and his sister Paulina are very thankful for your help! I’m so grateful i want to thank the ones who really helped me achieving this goal:

– First of them all, Waclaw Vogg Kieltyka and Gosia Kiełtyka-Gracz for their help and for being sucha nice people and family to Adrian! without you, we wouldnt have made it!! be sure of that!!

– the rest of Decapitated members: Rafał Piotrowski, Hubert Więcek and the crew member Grzegorz Zysiek! thank you for sharing!!! you boosted this fundraising a lot!!!

– Scott Fairfax and his both bands As The World Dies and Memoriam UK for sharing it A LOT and helping!

– Jamie Bailey and his band Brodequin for following this fundraising since day 1 and for helping!

– Steve Goldberg and his band Cephalic Carnage for their BIG help
Miloslav Urbanec from Obscene Extreme Festival and Achim Ostertag from Summer Breeze !! thank you for proving we are all a big metal family!!!!

Pestilence (official), KRIMH Drummer, Skinless, UADA, Atonement, Harvest Their Bodies, Putrid Womb and Fit For An Autopsy!!! thank you all for either sharing and/or donating!! you are the best!!!

David Ingram, Matti Way, Ed Talorda, Neil Andersen, Jonas Tord Lindström, David Cachia, Mats Funderud, Max Marzocca, Santiago Dobles, Eric Morotti, Konrad Marek Bodziarczyk, Tancredi Cassina, Marco Mastrobuono, Paolo Rossi, Denny Hahnke, Marcin Swierczynski and Mike Fortin: Thank you ALL!

To ALL the fans, friends and musicians/bands i forgot to mention.. THANK YOU!!!!

The fundraising will stay up till January! Any extra penny will go to his weekly therapies expenses!! so Keep on sharing and/or donating: https://gogetfunding.com/help-adrian-covan-kowanek-ex-deca…/

Until then, stay safe, be happy and be THANKFUL for everything you got!!!

Cheers, Paula Wehbe