July 13, 2024

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VINCE NEIL – Turns Himself In For Fat Treatment

Legendary Mötley Crüe lead vocalist, Vince Neil, is said to have finally made the move to take care of himself and his ongoing crisis of morbid obesity that he currently faces, after ballooning to 298 ibs, according to an anonymous source.

Neil is secretly receiving treatment overseas at a facility called Benmor Medical in the United Kingdom.

“Vince was tired of all the fat jokes he kept hearing in the United States, so that is why he decided to fly out alone to get help where not many people will recognize him as much.”

In his heyday, Vince Neil was a lady killer. He no doubt made women’s hearts melt every time he sang “Home Sweet Home,” and during his reign as the “Hottest Glam Vocalist” during the eighties did whatever he could during each concert to make the ladies feel special. What went wrong?

There is no comment yet from Vince himself, but according to the source, he is ashamed of what he’s turned into as a man, and feels he has totally let down everyone around him, including all of his band brothers in Crue.

“All the media reports about him and Tommy fighting really affected him the most because he and Tommy have been best friends since high school. He doesn’t understand why people think it’s funny that people are trying to instigate more drama, when the truth is he loves Tommy like he is his brother.”

Over the past couple of months, rumors began to swirl that Vince’s old band were itching to reunite and go back out on a huge tour in 2020.

One of the stipulations in the contract, however, is that Vince must shed a minimum of 40 ibs for the offer to not become void after a certain date.

Neil reportedly checked into the hospital wearing a big smile and gave out hugs.

A spokesperson for Benmor Facility commented:

“To maintain a healthy weight, it is important to create a balance between the calories eaten and the calories burned through physical activity and bodily functions. These are the things we will be working on with Mr. Neil, who I might add is very upbeat and positive and, well, he really just wants everyone to give him a second chance at a new life, which is what we are going to work hard together to try and make happen for him. Obesity is no laughing matter, it can end up killing the person if they are not careful. Heart attacks and strokes are common for people Mr. Neil’s size and age.” 

Let’s all hope for his own well being that Vince Neil finds his way back to his old self and the stage again soon to show fans that he is not a quitter after all, because nobody likes to see a rock hero go down in flames.

Top photo credit: (Steve Ginsberg)