July 13, 2024

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Report – CHRIS CORNELL, Ascension & 11/11

Report – CHRIS CORNELL, Ascension & 11/11

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

“Really it has to do with kids, people are not defended… one of the things that lacks in our country is the funds to help people. I really think it has to do with justice and protection. And anything with Children always is close to my heart. I do anything I can, any chance I get.”

Chris Cornell

My forthcoming Chris Cornell eBook that will release on CHRIStmas later this year is going to be a game changer for everyone, in my opinion.

A great journalist never gives up his or her ‘sources.’ He or she also never gives up all of their most damning information too. There is still a lot that has yet to be revealed from my findings since I began conducting my own independent death investigation on Mr. Cornell’s behalf starting back in May of 2017. I specifically did this on purpose from the outset to make sure that myself and my loved ones stay protected.

Just as with Chris Cornell’s “Higher Truth,” I believe we are all in some way or another trying to seek out the light as the pitch black threatens to swallow us up. All of our good deeds done are in effort to gain ascension into Heaven like Jesus Christ.

“…the ascent of Christ into heaven on the fortieth day after the Resurrection.”

This is a very dark and dangerous world of black ops, demonic entities from another realm, CIA assassinations, and New World Order blood baths, understand?

Great truther investigators like Max Spiers and others have ended up dead for trying to expose the truth in the biggest American scandal ever: PEDOGATE, itself reaching back over three decades and snuffing out millions of innocent lives.

When is enough going to be enough? What is it going to take to make any of you reading my words stand up and fight back against the corruption and obvious crimes against humanity?

This report published today, 11-11-2019, was posted on this date for a very important reason, although I assure you that it was not planned to work out that way. In fact, I conducted an online voting poll this past week to let my fans on Twitter select which late rock idol I post my next report on… and Chris was voted the winner with over 50% of the vote, and so here we are, on 11-11.

Yes, I myself admittedly have seen 11:11 flashing on my clock as I randomly glance over at it throughout the day. Why does this happen?

What is the significance of this particular number pattern in numerology?

According to Numerology Sign site:

“If you keep seeing 1111, this means you are most likely part of the world’s spiritual energy update or Earth Ascension process. This means you play a special role in lifting up the spirit of the Earth. Through kindness, positivity, and a sense of abundance, you play an important part in the bigger picture, in healing of the Earth’s energy.”

“You are surrounded by the loving energy of the Ascended Masters, who are in essence, the beautiful teachers that have graced this planet, lived a human life and have now transitioned into the spiritual realm. Ascended Masters include those such as Buddha, Jesus, Mother Theresa and many others.”

What is even more mysterious is the fact that on the 8th day of the 11th month (November), 2019, I chose the voting poll’s duration to last exactly 1 day, 1 hour and 1 min in length: 1:11, itself representing the Holy Trinity.

Trinity, as it pertains to Christian doctrine, comprises the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons in one Godhead.

The doctrine of the Trinity is considered to be one of the central Christian affirmations about God. It is forever rooted in the fact that God came to meet Christians in a threefold figure:

(1) as Creator, Lord of the history of salvation, Father, and Judge, as revealed in the Old Testament;

(2) as the Lord who, in the incarnated figure of Jesus Christ, lived among human beings and was present in their midst as the divine “Resurrected One”; and… last but not least:

(3) as the Holy Spirit, whom they experienced as the helper or intercessor in the power of the new life.

As a matter of fact, most mediums and psychics would look at this 11-11 report itself as Chris Cornell contacting us all from beyond.

In my heart, I know there is a powerful energy that we are all connected to as one united force via the late Chris Cornell’s aura, believe it or not, even though he is no longer living among us. I liken it to how a witch uses some serious ‘hocus pocus’ to summon the dead.

Black Hole Sun Magick: Chris Cornell. Rock God.

What I mean to say is that Chris is right here with us at this very moment. While you consume my words, his awe-inspiring influence, almost too much to comprehend, is going to keep lifting up human beings to search for the HIGHER TRUTH – just like when he once walked among the living, and this man’s legend continues to grow bigger each day as his legion of fans keep making noise to stir up the good fight.

And let us not forget the grim statistics in Mr. Cornell’s case: 9 fractured ribs – not commonly found in a hanging suicide, including all of the blood ‘spatter’ and other indications of a serious “head wound” injury, clearly, in my humble opinion, points to Mr. Cornell being the victim of homicidal strangulation.

Therefore, now that I have proven he was killed, all I have to do next is prove who actually murdered him. This is why I am writing my eBook about the Chris Cornell death investigation, because I am ready to divulge the full story and expose what really happened to him.

Certainly there comes a time in one’s life when the facts became so brutally heartbreaking that it triggers your mind’s built-in ‘defense mechanism’ to go into deep denial. I get it, okay? I am not some government robot built without emotions. I am a human being, just like you, flaws and all – simply trying to help everyone come to terms with reality. While the horrifying details I am going to present in my highly anticipated Chris Cornell eBook will shatter your soul into a million pieces if you allow it to, I want my readers to know that it is NOT mine and Chris’ intention to harm your spirit or psyche in any way, but instead nourish it with the truth.

Crown Of Thorns: Are YOU Prepared For The Haunting Revelations Of Jesus Christ Pose?

The only person who can harm themselves in this scenario is you by doing nothing with the information that you are given access to. Think of it as your own head being hit by a literal “alien invasion,” wherein over time the guilt of doing nothing becomes an energy source of great cosmic potency that the enemy contingent feeds off of, allowing possession to happen, and identical to the terrifying fear that each abducted child feels when stolen by the evil cabal, where they are harvested for the powerful drug adrenochrome, the overwhelming sense of helplessness eats you alive from the inside out, much like a parasite from another world.

I have ventured into some crazy myths/ conspiracy stories as the world’s most widely published authority on the occult in the past several years, going places where no other reporter has gone before – and I intend to continue delivering the most compelling analysis of rock n roll murder cover ups, so that my readers get the clearest understanding of what mankind is truly up against currently.

A Christ-like Rock Star: Chris Belonged To The People… And He Still Does!

Looking more closely at the botched autopsy of Chris Cornell by Detroit Medical examiner Theodore Brown it is mystifying to me how nobody other than me at the start pointed out the fact that Chris was observed to have extensive trauma to the back of his head by the EMT, and a lot of blood on the scene not normally associated with suicide by hanging death was seen. Yet the autopsy report did not reflect these observations. It leaves out the head wound. Why is that?

Chris Cornell made it clear during one of his final concerts that he detested billionaires, right?

He was obviously speaking out against the New World Order.

He was mainly talking about the likes of George Soros, Jeff Bezos, David Geffen, Jeffrey Epstein, Steven Spielberg and President Donald Trump.

It is my assertion that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were both murdered and the injustice is being covered up by not only Mr. President, but the mainstream news media, all of Washington DC, including all of the top brass of the police and U.S. military. These people are sworn to protect the American citizens, and instead they are committing horrific crimes against humanity.

Don’t you think anyone who is caught using “code words” that links to known pedophile lingo should be brought forward by United States Congress and questioned about what kind of activities are going on in the White House when nobody is looking?

What exactly is Donald Trump hiding from the world? We all know damn well that Mr. Trump was at one time very close friends with Jeffrey Epstein. While the Clinton’s are said to have possibly an even deeper tie with Orgy Island, the mounting victims are coming forward against “The Donald” with legitimate accusations of his own brutal sexual behavior acted out against young victims, brought to him and Epstein by a female socialite named Ghislaine Maxwell – that fully indicates he has indeed been involved in a long list of deviant crimes as well.

Martin Kirsten, Mossad & A Deal With The Devil!

In my soon to be released Chris Cornell eBook, I will fully connect the dots for readers as to what kind of role Maxwell played in the criminal empire of Epstein’s, that will show not only the Mossad connection, but how it all leads right back to the one and only, Martin Kirsten, Chris’ bodyguard.

Ghislaine Maxwell attended Jeff Bezos’ secretive writers’ retreat: report

As the story goes, Ghislaine Maxwell was a guest at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ secretive writers’ retreat last year, according to a new report that was published on November 1st.

Epstein & Maxwell: Why Is This Woman Still Being Protected?

“The British socialite, who has been accused of grooming young women for the (late) convicted pedophile’s sex-trafficking ring, attended the secretive Campfire retreat just weeks before a bombshell Miami Herald investigation exposed more of Epstein’s crimes, according to the Vice report.”

It turns out that two ‘2018 Campfire attendees’ came forward to reveal the details of the secret society event that was shrouded in secrecy (GASP) and told Vice that “Maxwell was at the exclusive annual event hosted by the Amazon founder and had previously attended two others.”

Illusionati Proxy: We Do Not Consent

Occult expert, Susan Marconi, takes us deeper down the rabbit hole:

“As part of the awakening of humanity this has everything to do with the negative reversal frequency being manifested on Earth. Wars, famine, drugs, violence in media, human trafficking, the debt slavery of global economies, political crisis, and even deeper into HAARP and 5G manipulation, nanotechnology, DNA and genetic mutation and further still into timeline quantum trigger events, ritual abuse and geomantic alchemy hidden to mankind… perpetrated by secret societies on behalf of the NAA.. (Negative Alien agenda) using cloistered hybrid techniques of bloodline to interface the higher light beings of our world.. like Chris, who was secretly moon-child created with their draconian digressive genetic template to his Oraphim(6D-ascended) soul at the opening of the Age of Aquarius in a mirror event tied to the biblical Revelation of a mock re-enactment of Jesus’ end-time resurrection. This is why the Promise. Apocalypse 4:21 ..the alpha and the omega.. was tied to his death in association to the movie… having nothing to do with Armenia but more to do with Unrevealed Genocide in line with the human race. This is why Chris was made to view the premier of The Promise at the Vatican… which means “Serpent House”🙏

According to my research, the words Hocus pocus are usually accompanied by the words pilatus pas, for this is said to be “based on a post-Reformation parody of the traditional Catholic rite of transubstantiation during Mass,” and is ultimately a Dutch corruption of the Latin words “Hoc est corpus meum” and the credo, itself reads, “sub Pontio Pilato passus et sepultus est“, meaning under Pontius Pilate he suffered and was buried.


#TruthForChris #TruthForChester